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Proven ability to create and implement informative articles, blog posts, and social media feeds that engage the target audience.


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Industry Projects

  • Health20+
  • Government4
  • Real Estate2

Summary of Industry Experience


Past experience in the Medicare & Health Care Fields as a Coordinator, has enabled me to write about issues that face consumers. I have written articles about Medicare and finding the right plastic surgeon, that are published. I post and build traffic for three plastic surgeons on Facebook, as well as maintaining their blogs.


Writer & Social Media Manager for several lawyers on Facebook and Twitter. I maintain their website blogs with light legal content for consumers. I have worked closely with these clients to make sure that the content is legally accurate. Professional and formal tones are used, to transmit a polished and conservative tone.

Real Estate

Assistant Controller June 2004 to August 2010
Real Estate Property Management & Investing Company
Duties: Full Charge Bookkeeper through General Ledger + Basic Financials, Payroll, Mortgages, Stocks & Bonds Investments, Commercial & Residential Leases, Property Management, REITs, IT Support

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Blogger for a plastic surgery practice and a bra accessory website. Daily, weekly and monthly blogging schedules preferred. Currently service a daily blogging client and results are excellent. This long-term assignment has been satisfying and looking to add another client. Various topics and areas of industry are available as well as different writing styles.


Various topics and product reviews for industries ranging from plastic surgery to ebook readers. Ability to research an industry and develop interesting and engaging content. SEO keyword optimization is always paramount where required and variations of the keyword are fit naturally into the content piece. Geo-targeting SEO for local businesses a specialty.

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