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Jessica M
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Old Bridge, NJ
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Jessica M. is a published print & web copywriter and editor. She has written for a variety of niche markets and industries including: exercise, health, beauty, skincare, investment, addiction recovery, construction, home building, home improvement and more. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her book and reading.
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Knowledge of media ethics, law and magazine journalism.


517 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Jessica is the makeup expert for Experts123 and a Featured Contributor on Yahoo!'s beauty channel. She also is a Beauty Stat Blogger and have been published on Tyra Banks' TypeF.com, Naturallycurly.com and has a Youtube Beauty channel with several subscribers.


282 Projects Completed

Jessica has worked on MORE than 100 projects in this niche as it's one of her most popular niche markets. She is the former editor of Exercise.com. She also is the former blogger of healthtree.com. She has also written for ehow.com and livestrong.com on health topics (as well as others).


187 Projects Completed

Jessica has written for law firms and private client lawyers on various topics including and not limited to: divorce, truck accidents, personal injury and more. She also has blogged for countless law firms and lawyers.


100 Projects Completed

She is the co-editor of Thinkgirl.net and has written for various sites on women's rights and issues. She has also written about women's health, birth control, breast cancer, menopause, pregnancy and equality.


82 Projects Completed

She has written car reviews, car loans as well as ways to finance a car. She has also written analysis pieces about the auto industry for online publications.


78 Projects Completed

Jessica has written about planning vacations and honeymoons as well as about different tourist destinations including European cities, Florida, Las Vegas & more.


66 Projects Completed

Jessica has written about shoes, apparel, jewelry & more. She has written extensively on lingerie as well as women's fashion for a variety of consumers (Macy's) and blogs.


56 Projects Completed

Jessica has written e-books on dating tips for Lifetips and also was a writer for Yahoo's Dating & Relationships Channel. She also has written dating advice articles and blogs for a variety of dating websites.


37 Projects Completed

Jessica has written on how to get a loan and what educational opportunities are available. She also has written guides on basic skills for Math, Science and English.

Home Living

25 Projects Completed

Jessica has written about both home buying or mortgages as well as important tips for tax deductions for homeowners. She also has written blogs and articles on home improvement and home building for a variety of clients including a construction company.


21 Projects Completed

She has written extensively on refrigerators, coolers, beer kegs, wine coolers, air conditioners, furnaces and more. Jessica also has written about other appliances for clients that sell the pieces themselves.


10 Projects Completed

Jessica has written for a variety of private clients such as former governor of Florida, Charlie Crist. She also has written analytical political pieces for PBS and other political online publications.


6 Projects Completed

Jessica has written about the top paying jobs for various markets and also careers guides on a variety of occupations.


5 Projects Completed

She has written about the influence of health care and biotechnology. She also has worked on projects about general concepts of biotechnology and Advanced Cell Technology. A large of amount of research went into pieces of this kind.


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