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Tom's working life, filled with writing assignments of one kind or another keep him busy. During his years working in the manufacturing industry, Tom wrote and updated SOP manuals for the maintenance department. Part of his duties included detailing the previous week's activities containing updated procedures as well as summarizing the events that contributed to the company's pursuit of stated goals within his department. In addition to his technical writing abilities, Tom also spent three years in college while earning his Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design where writing was a mainstay and required for virtually every class and subject. A large part of his grades in college related to his writing skills, in which he excelled.
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Tom enjoys writing in a conversational style, as well as a journalistic style. Also, possessing advanced research skills, he is adept at creating original content that is interesting and captivating to the reader.


Tom enjoys his personal downtime and looks forward to simply relaxing and spending time with his family. He uses this time to recharge, so to speak, to prepare for the coming challenges and opportunities that are coming his way!


Stevens - Henager College

The Graphic Design program at Stevens-Henager College is fast-paced and requires a high level of activity and participation at all times. The curriculum consists of learning the Adobe Creative Suite of Programs, namely, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Bridge.

Tom achieved President's List status three times, and was on the Honor Roll for every quarter while attending. His final GPA was 3.81. Tom graduated in September 2012, Magna Cum Laude.

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Having worked in the Internet Marketing business for the past five years, Tom has grown to enjoy writing unique content for websites. He has gained much experience in the "art" of keyword research and the ever-changing SEO techniques and strategies.

Tom has been building websites for years with the intent of maximizing traffic to each of them through content marketing. As such, much of that work focuses on niches that are emerging and deserve attention.

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Blogging is rapidly becoming the norm for many Internet marketers. Blogging is used as a means to persuade visitors to buy a particular product, inform the reader about a specific topic, or to provide general information that tends to entice the reader to "read more". The ability to persuade and inform is important because most blog posts will attempt to do one or the other, but rarely both. The posts that Tom has written are purposely written to inform first, and persuade second.

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