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Susan B
Writer #4020
Joined 8/30/2011
6 Star Rating
45,303 Projects
48 Endorsements
4 Elite Skills
**If you're interested in hiring Susan for solo assignments, please contact her through the WA house mail system before sending work. To ensure optimal client satisfaction, she prefers to find out what the client wants and what they expect or hope to accomplish before they place an assignment order. Because of her busy schedule, Susan likes to arrange turnaround times with each client, so they know when to expect her to submit the completed work.**

As a six-star writer with a busy schedule, Susan charges clients a minimum of 15 cents per word (including the 30% cut that WA gets.) Understanding that content marketing writing varies depending on the content, the amount of research it requires, and other factors, Susan prefers to negotiate her rates with clients before accepting orders. Susan will not accept work that pays less than a minimum of 15 cents a word.

Susan is a highly experienced and skilled researcher. She is eager to use those talents to take on challenging work that requires in-depth, highly credible, and recent research on almost any topic in most industries.

Susan dedicates herself to exceeding the expectations of every client with whom she works. She makes a point of communicating with every solo client to ensure that she understands what they need and what they hope to accomplish with the writing she does for them.

Susan B specializes in crafting articles, blog posts, web page content, e-Books, listicles, product descriptions, and DIY and How-To projects. Susan uses her exceptional research skills to help clients reach their target audiences with valuable information that speaks to their immediate needs. Her life, work, and educational backgrounds add an element of authority to everything she produces. She works with small businesses and agencies to create content that drives traffic to the business's website before converting site visitors into clients and customers.

Susan can write about a broad range of topics and industries, including, but not limited to:

*Consumer Products
*Garden (including landscaping and hardscaping)
*Green living
*Home living
*Real estate

Susan is a member of the Association for Garden Communicators.

Before joining WriterAccess, Susan wrote for Gather News, the Daily Glow, Bounty Paper Towels, and the San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate. More recent bylines include work for Image Tours, Masterstudies, J and M Homes, the Ogden Clinic, the Vagaro Beauty Blog, and Farmer Gracy, a British-based online bulb retailer, and ADAK Software.

Susan earned a B. Music degree in Music History from Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She received a graduate certificate from the University of Iowa Center for the Book, where she was a member of the first class to graduate from the program. Susan studied French, German, and Latin.

Susan values the working relationships she builds with the many customers who send her regular work. She is committed to ensuring that every client is thrilled with the completed work that she submits to them. You can count on Susan to revise any assignment until it meets or exceeds your satisfaction, as long as the revision request falls within the original assignment instructions.

Contact Susan to have her do a paid "test" assignment for you. She encourages clients to let her show them how her writing can benefit their business.

Here is a sampling of the consistent feedback that Susan gets from her clients:

"What a great job! Thanks so much."

"Great job, Susan!"


"Fantastic writer, thoughtful and punctual."

"Wonderful. Thank you!"

"Wonderful Job. I loved the descriptions. Perfect!"

"This is excellent! Thank you very much!"

"Thank you so much! I really like it."

"I appreciate the thought and work you're putting into this. We are definitely going to work together in the future. Thanks so much and best regards."

"Love it; we will tie it into one of our kits as an end paragraph."

"Well done!"

"Awesome writer. Great work with excellent research. Terrific Communication."

"Great Job"

"Exceeded my expectations!"

"Susan is doing a great job with our articles. We worked out some of the basic backgrounds on the project. She is now off and running. One less thing for me to worry about."

"It is always a pleasure to work with Susan. She's professional in all respects. She does outstanding research, knows her genre, and communicates issues in a timely fashion. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her."

"Susan has been great at providing timely, well-researched, and well-written articles?. We highly recommend her!"

"This is great - thank you."

"Dear Susan, Many thanks for submitting such a nice and high-quality Blog post on Begonia bulbs. We will be posting it today."

"This is perfect - thank you!"

"Thanks for working with us. Your writing is a great fit!"

"This is great. Thank you, Susan."

"Thank you so much, Susan. Your personal experience truly shined through here to help give the piece an "expert tone."

"Thanks for your hard work Susan, I'd love to work together again in the future."

"Wonderful job! Thank you!"
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