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Katya is a freelance writer with three years of professional writing experience. She has had a passion for the written word ever since she was a little girl and even wrote short stories throughout elementary school.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in public relations and took several writing courses throughout her college career including creative writing, news writing, technical writing and press release writing.

Katya has provided content for dozens of clients and content sites throughout the years and loves helping readers receive valuable and engaging information online.

Although she can write content on virtually any subject, she prefers to write about beauty, fashion, entertainment, business, health, pets, relationships and news.
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Katya comes from a journalism and public relations background, so she she has a lot of experience with newsworthy content.

She also knows a lot about SEO practices and what it takes to get a website noticed online.


When she is not busy writing for her clients, Katya enjoys meeting new people and exploring the city of Chicago. She loves taking her dog for walks, reading, hanging out on the beach and watching films.


Purdue University

Throughout my college career at Purdue University, I took public relations, news writing, news editing and other various communication courses. I also completed three internships.


96 Projects Completed

Katya has a passion for all things beauty and has written articles on a wide range of beauty topics. She has written articles about makeup, hair and skincare for several websites including Yahoo! Shine and DailyGlow.com.




52 Projects Completed

Katya has written many entertainment articles and has a long history with Yahoo! OMG, providing various celebrity articles. She has also written several reality television articles for Reality TV Magazine.


51 Projects Completed

Katya has had a lot of personal relationships throughout the years and has written dozens of dating and relationships content for Yahoo Contributor Network. She has written relationship articles on everything from dating online to cheating.




34 Projects Completed

Katya has always had an interest in the health field and has written on a variety of healthcare topics including exercise, nutrition, dental care, cancer and heart health.


141 Projects Completed

Katya has written hundreds of articles that can be seen online. Her years of experience have given her the ability to write engaging articles that people actually want to read. Katya takes the time to do research for her articles and is meticulous with grammar and spelling.

Blog Post

108 Projects Completed

Katya has written blogs on a variety of different subjects ranging from plastic surgery to makeup. She spends a lot of time on each blog to make sure it is both engaging and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Press Release

17 Projects Completed

Katya graduated with a Bachelor's degree in public relations, so she knows a thing or two about crafting press releases. All of the press releases she writes include interesting and informative information that engage customers.

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