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Kathy has been writing since high school, from creative to reporting. In college, she wrote and edited for the school newspaper. Professionally, she has written uncountable press releases, as well as program articles and marketing materials. Currently, Kathy writes online for eHow and LiveSTRONG through Demand Media. While capable of writing for a wide range of businesses, her expertise and passion lie in pets, sports, hospitality and history. She enjoys helping a company market, promote or entertain.


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  • Pets100+
  • Travel50+
  • Hospitality50+
  • Sports20+
  • Legal10+
  • Craft10+
  • Food9

Summary of Industry Experience


Dogs are Kathy's passion. She trains them (and their owners) and articles to help people achieve the best relationship with their pets are her favorite assignments. Kathy's professional experience includes obedience training, behavioral problem solving, grooming and diet recommendations, as well a working with children and dogs.


Kathy has written dozens of resort descriptions for use in travel agency marketing. The challenge she finds in these tasks is to make each resort stand out and not sound like the other locations with similar settings and offerings. Writing these pieces also serves as a mental escape to these wonderful destinations.


Having organized many events, Kathy looks forward to writing about party planning ideas and the like. She has years of experience in catering, from set up and decor to execution and service. Kathy also has extensive experience in planning company, church, community and family outings through her work with professional sports teams.


Much of Kathy's sports-related writing has been through a full-time salaried position for various baseball teams and aren't included in the number listed here. Press releases, marketing materials and program articles were the bulk of the work over the course of 10 years. In addition, she's recently written articles on injuries, agents, scouting and Little League equipment.


Kathy spent a year in the marketing department of a law office, writing and designing the materials for a 150+ lawyer firm. Her journalism education provided her with a solid knowledge of legal ethics. Her ongoing interest in the law continues to spur her personal research into the field.


While an avid crafter at home, Kathy never wrote about it until recently. She finds these articles to be some of the most fun to research. From Christmas decorations and do-it-yourself gifts, to wedding favors and home decor, offering creative ideas and clear instructions is what attracts Kathy to these articles.


Kathy enjoys writing non-recipe articles that explore fun ways to use food. Her personal experience in cooking for herself gives her insight into creative ideas for meals for one. Extensive catering and party planning experience provides her with a solid background in more elaborate menus and their presentation.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Press Release100+

Summary of Product Experience


In addition to hundreds of online articles, Kathy has written numerous articles for sports programs. With over a decade of experience working for professional sports teams, she's had opportunity to write feature articles, game and season summaries as well as informational articles geared toward the fan experience. Kathy's online experience covers a wide range of topics including sports, entertaining, dog training, legal matters and nutrition articles.

Press Release

Kathy has written press releases for various minor league baseball teams from 1994-2004. Topics covered marketing campaigns, promotional events and personnel and player changes. In 1994, she successfully focused on promoting a team fighting for media coverage in the Philadelphia-metropolitan area. The next several years offered Kathy opportunities to be creative in dealing with the press, promoting teams that dominated a smaller market. Her final years in minor league baseball brought her to a club struggling to find it's place with the local media in Los Angeles and San Diego.

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