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Amelia received her Bachelor's Degree in 2011. With her background and education in creative writing, she is able to offer a creative spin to all of her work. She has mastered the art of writing in a way that is captivating and fun while remaining professional and informative. She has worked as a columnist for multiple publications. She has continued her freelance career writing content for various clients and websites. Some of the projects that she has completed includes articles, news briefs and press releases, event reviews, product reviews and descriptions, book reviews, location and business profiles, blog posts, ebooks, and fiction and poetry. She is well versed in SEO writing and AP style format. She enjoys doing research, so she is able to offer excellent content in virtually any niche.

What sets Amelia apart is her creativity and unique style. She is able to take ordinary content and give it the creative spin necessary to appeal to the client's target audience.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Amelia previously worked with an online publisher, writing the hiking column for the Anaheim region in Orange County, California. She reviewed and highlighted various hiking locations in Orange County. She also featured articles offering tips and advice about hiking and fitness. She offered readers places to go to have fun and stay healthy. Amelia highlighted and reviewed local hiking and outdoor events. She contributed to examiner.com for over a year.


Amelia worked both as an intern and columnist for the lifestyle publication DOT NewsMagazine, based in Long Beach, California. With this publication she reviewed local businesses and events, and books, movies, and music albums. She also conducted interviews and wrote local business and entrepreneur profiles.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


The majority of Amelia's freelance work history has been writing articles. She has written for multiple publications as a columnist, and has picked up individual projects writing articles for clients. The articles she has written have been on a multitude of subjects and platforms. Writing articles has strengthened her research skills and her ability to make an article appealing to a specific audience.

Product Description

Product descriptions are a specific type of copywriting that Amelia has completed successfully. With her creative abilities, her product descriptions are unique and interesting.

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