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Linsay has written professionally since 2004. Her background lies in academic writing and research -- she has a master's in anthropology and a master's of library and information science -- and she's worked in non-profit development and corporate community relations, writing grants, composing newsletters, managing campaigns and creating marketing materials. She's written more than 4,000 SEO (Search Engine Optimized) articles on topics ranging from gardening to green living, travel to parenting, health to nutrition, women's issues to finance, SEO techniques to real estate, insurance to fitness. Her work has been published on USA Today, Houston Chronicle, Sitterfied, Motley Fool, Trails Travel, Livestrong, San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate, the Nest, Modern Mom, AZ Central, Global Post, Hidden Valley Ranch and She's also created content and landing pages for company websites, ghostwritten e-books and white papers, and written more blog posts than she can count.
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Linsay can write (almost) anything that requires research, including articles, blog posts, research pieces, product descriptions and press releases. She's well-versed in AP, APA and AAA style and can tailor her writing style to your specific audience, whether you need funny, authoritative, narrative or conversational articles -- or want an article that sounds like it was written by a snarky, sarcastic bugger.


Linsay loves reading, writing (duh), traveling, cooking, gardening, sailing, hiking and spending time with her amazing kids and her awesome husband.


Western Washington University

Focus on socio-cultural anthropology; master's thesis included primary research. Focus on U.S. population policies' impact on women's access to reproductive health care in the Global South (i.e. Mexico City Policy or Global Gag Rule)

University of Southern Mississippi

Focus on bibliometric research; master's thesis was published in LIBRES peer-reviewed journal (vol 20, issue 1) "Gender and citation in two LIS e-journals: A bibliometric analysis of LIBRES and information research"


1,102 Projects Completed

Linsay has written more than 1,000 gardening articles for sites such as the San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate and local nurseries on topics ranging from xeriscaping to rain gardening, using native plants to choosing salt-, deer- and drought-resistant species. Her article "Extreme Shade Plants" won a $1,500 reader's choice award from Demand Media. Ironically, after moving from the Pacific Northwest to the Sonoran Desert a few years ago, her attempts at gardening have resulted in a mixed bag. But she's working on it. Cause let's be honest, plants are awesome!


1,075 Projects Completed

Linsay used to work in the airline industry -- yes, she was that annoying person at the gate whose only goal in life was to make your trip hellish -- and she's traveled extensively since childhood. She's also written more than 1,000 articles and blog posts on hotels to hostels, cruises to bike tours, honeymoons to adventure trips, and budget to luxury travel for sites like USA Today & Linsay is super grateful for those 99%-off Spirit Air promo codes that actually allow her family to take a real trip every now and then.

Real Estate

830 Projects Completed

Linsay has published on topics such as remodeling to sell, short sales, foreclosures, staging, moving, commercial real estate development, property management and real estate demographics. She's created several real estate websites from the ground up and has ghostwritten countless real estate blog posts for commercial and residential Realtors. She's also written numerous Realtor and mortgage loan officer bios. She currently writes for the real estate section of SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle with an emphasis on landscaping to sell in the Bay Area.


460 Projects Completed

Linsay has written finance articles for the Motley Fool website and created blog posts, articles, downloadables and web pages for a number of investment companies, including a politically progressive financial advisor and a company that provides passive investment services to high wealth individuals. Topics range from the stock market to budgeting, definition of economic terms to investing, the role of the Federal Reserve to estate planning.


353 Projects Completed

Linsay has two little beasties of her own, so she knows a thing or two -- seriously, it often feels like just one or two things -- about the craziness of life with kids. She's written kid-centric articles on topics like traveling with children, mindful parenting, cooking for the family, green living with kids, and kid-friendly activities, hotels, restaurants, and attractions in various locales around the U.S. and the world. Her parenting articles are published on sites like USA Today Travel and Sitterfied, and she's ghostwritten for a number of parenting, child therapy and child health blogs.


350 Projects Completed

Like everyone, Linsay believes that insurance is an inherently exciting, sexy and glamorous topic -- ahem -- but she does her best to spice it up even further. Just TRY to keep from laughing out loud while you read her writing sample about Florida's no-fault insurance law. She's also written about several aspects of the insurance industry, from personal health to auto, and her work appears on national and local, independent insurance company pages.


308 Projects Completed

Health - Linsay is all for it! She's written articles, features and blogs on topics like healthy eating, exercising, heart-healthy cooking, vitamins and weight loss. She's also a writer/editor for, an innovative wellness/fitness start-up that incorporates nutrition, exercise and mindfulness with a healthy dose of super deep thoughts. Yay for philosophy and exercise! Her work appears on sites like Houston Chronicle, AZ Central, Global Post, Pureformance, Livestrong and FRS.


224 Projects Completed

As you would expect from a mother of two living in suburban Phoenix, Linsay is a paragon of high style - namely, styles found on Target's 75%-off rack. Seriously, she looks both fierce and fabulous when she's engaged in the glamorous activities like changing diapers, putting the d**m toys back in the d**m toybox for the umpteeth time, and driving her kids back and forth to playdates. She puts this razor-sharp fashion sense (most of which has been gleaned from watching every episode of Project Runway, ever) to work in her articles about fashion. Make it work!

Home Living

180 Projects Completed

Not many things are more exciting than air ducts, HVAC systems and cement fiber siding. Linsay knows this because she's written about all of them, including a rewrite of an entire air duct website as well as home improvement articles on topics like kitchen remodels, landscaping and foundation repair.

Non Profit

135 Projects Completed

Before leaving the "lucrative" world of non-profit for the equally "lucrative" but even less stable world of freelance writing ("yay?"), Linsay was a grant-writer/fundraiser for non-profits and foundations. She has written about grant writing, fund raising and non-profit organizations in various regions and fields, and has worked on numerous successful grant proposals (up to $750K, thank you Bill & Melinda, you rock!), annual reports, direct mail campaigns and newsletters. [Since she wrote this, Linsay has taken a "day job" as development director of a 501(c)4 and its affiliated 501(c)3.]

Green Living

101 Projects Completed

Linsay's green creds = She recycles! Composts (which, in Phoenix, is more like a science experiment)! Brings her own bags to the store! Attended a super-crunchy liberal arts university! Drives a hybrid! (OK, full disclosure, the other family car is a massive, gas-guzzling Canyonero that is utterly necessary to pull the pop-up camper)! From the green, green PNW! Plus, she has written about topics like solar panels, solar ovens, pet-safe weed killers, soil and water conservation, geothermal energy, water-wise gardening, eco-friendly real estate remodels and eating/cooking/gardening with organic foods.


85 Projects Completed

Mmmmm... donuts. Linsay likes to cook and to eat, and she loves to read and write about it, too -- in fact, she's completely obsessed with Cook's Illustrated. Most of her food-related articles center on nutrition, menu planning and organic eating and have been published on sites like Hidden Valley Ranch and AZ Central. She's also the writer/editor at, an innovative wellness start-up with a focus on incorporating healthy eating as part of an overall fit lifestyle.


81 Projects Completed

Linsay just looooves to eat but she doesn't want to have to someday be hoisted out of her living room by a crane, so she attempts to eat as nutritiously as possible. She's written nutrition, diet, cooking and healthy eating articles for sites including Hidden Valley Ranch and Livestrong. Of course, she's ironically eating a cro-nut while she writes this.


61 Projects Completed

Linsay's research on the impact of e-journals on women's representation in academic publishing was recently published in the journal LIBRES. She's researched the impact of U.S. population policies on women's access to reproductive health care in the global South (MA thesis), as well as published research on the impact of intellectual property laws on women's access to HIV/AIDS drugs in developing countries. She's also worked on articles, blogs and e-books on sex, gender and women's issues, such as the evolving nature of women's roles and rights in education, the workplace and society; the influence of social media and the Internet on gender roles and male-female relationships; transgender issues; rape culture; and global women's issues. She was super excited for the first woman president in 2016, but wow that did not exactly work out as planned. Sigh.


54 Projects Completed

Linsay is a political junkie who has to limit her time on Twitter lest she burst a blood vessel. She loves to write about politics and is (mostly) capable of keeping her biases -- which are strong and many -- to herself, even through the word "Santorum" makes her giggle every time she hears it. Caveat: in light of current events, she's not willing to write anything that has potential to contribute to the sh*tstorm of disinformation (lies. let's just come out and call them lies) that slams us all in the face daily from the highest levels of government. (Bonus: her "day job" is development director of an non-profit that lobbies state government so she does have some insight into the process)

Search Marketing

39 Projects Completed

Though sometimes it seems like navel gazing, Linsay has ghostwritten many blog posts about... you guessed it, blogging -- or more specifically, blogging with search engine optimization intent. She's also written posts about online marketing for small businesses, B2B marketing, using SEO to drive traffic, and blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging and omg make it stop this is going to kill us all.


30 Projects Completed

Linsay can be funny, especially after she's had a few drinks -- not that she would ever drink and write, how dare you suggest it! However now that Linsay has kids, she has to keep her constant snark monologue to herself, rather than uttering it out loud and damaging their tender, fragile psyches. But that's good news for you, because her built-up reservoir of snide observations on the human condition must have an outlet lest her head explode. And if she runs out of ideas, she just inserts the word "Santorum." Seriously, try it. Works every time!


3,201 Projects Completed

Linsay's written more than 4,000 search engine optimized -- SEO -- articles on a wide variety of topics, from travel to gardening, Drupal to WordPress, finance to parenting, green living to real estate, SEO practices to gladiators (Seriously, gladiators). Her articles appear on sites such as the Houston Chronicle, Motley Fool, USA Today Travel, Hidden Valley Ranch, Vacation Maine, San Francisco Chronicle and Livestrong.
She's published academic articles on subjects such as intellectual property rights and AIDS pharmaceutical distribution in the developing world, and gendered trends in library and information science academic publishing.

Blog Post

1,613 Projects Completed

Linsay's ghostwritten blog posts (there are literally thousands!) on topics ranging from green living to parenting, credit card reporting to residential real estate, travel to home improvement.

Web Page

487 Projects Completed

Linsay has written and rewritten landing pages -- including home, about us, services, mission statements, goals, background, history, etc. -- for investment, real estate, insurance, HVAC, moving companies, dental offices, finance companies, fitness, audiologists, psychologists, therapists, limo services, nutritional supplement retailers, and many more.

Product Description

370 Projects Completed

Linsay has written hundreds of product descriptions for items ranging from shoes to outdoor gear, exercise equipment to jewelry, electronics to socks. Her goal? To write engaging content that keeps readers engaged and encourages them to click and buy.


56 Projects Completed

Linsay has researched, written and successfully submitted a variety of grants for non-profit organizations (child abuse prevention, education, services for immigrants) and environmental foundations.


26 Projects Completed

Linsay has ghostwritten content for e-books that explore the role of the Internet in gender roles and sexuality among today's college students; part of an academic volume of research focused on municipal economic development in the age of social media; several e-books about real estate for home buyers and seller; three e-books about nutrition, fitness, exercise and mindfulness; an e-book on passive investing; and an e-book about the role of the feminist movement in today's male-female relations. She'd love to ghostwrite more.


25 Projects Completed

Linsay has written product descriptions for online and print brochures, including sporting goods, electronics, clothing, accessories, study abroad programs, and political advocacy groups.

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