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It took Nigel some thirty years to decide that perhaps his High School English teacher had been right all along: writing, not calculus, was his true passion. So, after a long and moderately successful career in industry Nigel decided to venture out as a professional writer. But what to write?

Aspiring wordsmiths are always told, “Write what you know,” so his first task was to find out what that was.

Twenty years in the automotive industry, and a love of all things car-related provided part of the answer. A career spanning car dealerships to car assembly, component manufacturing to research and development, meant a huge well of experience to draw from. Throw in a car restoration hobby and it was obvious. So today Nigel concentrates on automotive topics that range from “How To” maintenance and buying guides to car reviews. Most of these are in the 400 – 600 word range, though he goes longer if needed.

One hallmark of an engineer is the ability to research and quickly assimilate information. Nigel has a talent for not only doing that, but for communicating complex technical and scientific topics to the non-technical layperson. As a result, he also writes on manufacturing, technology and management topics, ranging from fabrication to water treatment, by way of centrifugal casting and robotics.

A side benefit of his career was the many travel opportunities that arose. Not everyone relishes seeing new places, but Nigel loved the insights these trips provided into distant lands and on his return would write reviews of the what he’d seen, eaten and done. So today Nigel also writes the occasional travel piece, typically hotel reviews, but covers restaurants and museums too. So if you need travel articles, consider him for those.

“Write what you know,” and “Follow your passion.” Two pieces of advice that Nigel has taken to heart and seem to be serving him well.
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Car reviews
Automotive “How-to” guides (How to change a wheel, How to buy a used car, - that kind of thing.)
Manufacturing processes and technologies
Physical sciences
Management, especially project management


All things automotive, from how cars and trucks are designed and built to what they are like to drive and how to keep them running.

Manufacturing. Consider Nigel for all your "How it's made," content.

Travel, especially food, restaurants, museums and hotels.

Public speaking.


University of Birmingham

Nigel studied engineering with a concentration in manufacturing.

Eastern Michigan University

This program is about managing technology and technology specialists. There was a strong focus on formal project management training plus classes in Law, Intellectual Property management and finance.


1,491 Projects Completed

Drawing on his many years in manufacturing industry and encyclopedic knowledge of manufacturing processes, Nigel has written many articles and blog posts plus more than a few white papers on various aspects of manufacturing. He's also knowledgeable about lean manufacturing, fabrication, machining and advanced manufacturing technologies, (things like rapid prototyping, vision systems, and automation.)


627 Projects Completed

Drawing on his extensive automotive experience, Nigel spans many subject areas: new car reviews, guides to classic cars, maintenance tips and "how-to" articles, and advice on buying new and used cars. Many of his articles appear in dealership newsletters, encouraging owners to bring their vehicle in for service or to look at new models.


11 Projects Completed

Thanks to his engineering background, Nigel finds it easy to explain complex scientific ideas in simple terms. Recent articles include discussions of the processes behind ocean acidification, the manufacture of plastics and how helium is distilled.


6 Projects Completed

Nigel writes on development of presentation and speaking skills and project management. For the former he draws on his experience with the Toastmasters organization while the latter uses both formal project management training and hands-on experience.


4 Projects Completed

Nigel enjoys travel and loves writing about it. Having grown up in the UK, he knows quite a bit about the country and its history, so tends to concentrate on that part of the world but has also written about various places within North America.

Blog Post

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A well-written blog posts lets a company promote products and expertise without selling overtly, providing it's easy to read. Nigel maximizes readability with short paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points, and has written many 300 -- 400 word posts for a variety of clients.


270 Projects Completed

Nigel concentrates on short articles suitable as content for web sites. Typically these will be 400 to 600 words, although he is happy to write longer pieces when the subject warrants.

White Paper

45 Projects Completed

Nigel has written a number of white papers. These tend to be on niche aspects of manufacturing technology and are generally written for a highly technical audience.

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