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Mary Y
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Mary's professional writing career began with writing curriculum, tests and other education-related materials while she was a teacher. Later as a business owner, she worked on developing her own written promotional and marketing material. For the past two years, she's written web content, articles and blog posts for a variety of clients. As a motivational coach, business mentor and published author, Mary brings a high level of professionalism and passion to her work. Clients choose to work with her on a repeated basis because of the high quality work she produces, as well as good, old-fashion customer service.
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Mary writes instructional content, articles and blog posts with an emphasis on home and garden, education, travel, health and beauty, women's issues and green living.


When it comes to writing, Mary is passionate about business, travel, green living and all things home and garden. When she's not writing for other clients she can often be found working on her next book or coaching fellow freelancers. Outside of writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors and loves to travel.


National-Louis University

In addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, Mary also earned minors in mathematics and social sciences. Although she taught grades 2 through 8, her focus was on middle school education.

Green Living

1,007 Projects Completed

Mary is currently writing for National Geographic's online Green Living project. She has written more than 1000 articles for various clients about environmentally-friendly ways to deal with household and laundry cleaning, repelling insects, health, hair and skincare ideas, and more. Green living is of personal interest to Mary and she has used the ideas she writes about for years.


751 Projects Completed

Instructional and informational articles covering insects and pests, including ants, fleas, flies, rabbits. She's also written about specific garden plants and their care.


579 Projects Completed

Mary has written web content pertaining to basic health topics such as insect stings or bites, skin conditions, and other mild healthcare concerns. She's also written informative articles about a variety of healthcare professions.


511 Projects Completed

Mary has written articles and web content for women on topics ranging from relationships to skincare, from socio-economic issues to beauty. At one time she owned an online retail business for 5 years where she wrote the page content and product descriptions for the business website.


433 Projects Completed

The articles Mary has written regarding the outdoors encompass insects, gardening, camping gear, travel, and home maintenance. As an active person and camper of 30+ years, she's enthusiastic about nature and the great outdoors.

She is the former chairman of outdoor enrichment at a private school, and was responsible for writing newsletter articles to promote teaching children about the outdoors.


433 Projects Completed

Mary has written classroom curriculum and corresponding testing materials. She's also created supplemental material for units in math, history, reading, and drama and communications. Additionally, she's created and contributed to educational- or school-based newsletters.

In 2009, Mary was involved in a ghostwriting project to create teaching curriculum for a client for workshops she was conducting based upon her book.

Most recently, she's written instructional and informational articles on educational practices, important educational concepts, and classroom ideas.


409 Projects Completed

As a pet owner of many years Mary has a passion for writing about animals, particularly dogs and cats. She's written journalistic style articles about specific animals and instructional and informative articles on the topics of pet care, flea & tick prevention and removal, pet treats and grooming.

Self Help

372 Projects Completed

The self-help topics Mary has covered range from skincare and beauty issues to dealing with mourning loss. As an avid health buff, active person, and healthy eater she welcomes the opportunity for more work in these areas.

Mary is the author of a motivational book for freelancers and is in the process of writing her second book-- a motivational book for women over forty.


313 Projects Completed

In addition to a travel blog, Mary has also written web content describing different places, activities, and vacations. She has a passion for travel and enjoys exploring and writing about places around the world.


250 Projects Completed

Articles ranging from beauty to grooming to caring for clothing, shoes and accessories. Mary's written instructional articles for both men and women, covering a variety of fashion styles, mishaps, and trends.


204 Projects Completed

Mary's written web content covering relationship issues such as break-ups, maintaining relationships, and loss of a loved one. The articles she has written have been both informative and instructional to help people work through specific relationship issues.


203 Projects Completed

Mary has written instructional and informative articles on craft projects and ideas for children through adults. Craft articles have encompassed holiday crafts, candle & potpourri crafts, children's art projects, crafts made with natural projects, and home decor crafts.


200 Projects Completed

In the area of hobby and crafts Mary has written articles on creating home decor, family crafts, and crafts with children.


158 Projects Completed

Mary has written instructional articles on how to prepare specific recipes or individual food items, as well as food safety and how to care for various types of cookware.

Green Products

107 Projects Completed

When writing about environmentally-friendly cleaning and living, Mary's tendency is toward using natural products (i.e. white vinegar, baking soda, etc). However, she's very product-savvy and interested in writing about commercial green products, as well.


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