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Aurora H
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Aurora H. began writing professionally in 2010. Her work has appeared on LIVESTRONG.com, LIVESTRONG Nutrition, eHow.com and other online publishers.

In addition to writing for online clients, Aurora H. has extensive experience writing technical and academic articles. She holds a bachelor's degree in physiological sciences and psychology, and a master's degree in cognitive neuroscience. Her original research has been published in the journals "Memory" and "Neuropsychologia."

Aurora H. offers an array of writing services, including blog posts, feature articles, news articles and technical articles. Her areas of expertise include mental health, diet and nutrition, exercise, alternative medicine and science. She also writes high-quality content in the areas of business, marketing, finance, and home improvement
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Blog posts, feature articles, business reviews, news articles, tutorials and short informational articles.


One of Aurora H.'s primary interests is in health and wellness, including mental health, nutrition and exercise. Her other interests include camping, outdoor recreation, cooking, world religions and spirituality, pets and education.


Marquette University

Aurora H. received my B.S. degree in physiological sciences and psychology from Marquette University. Her major focuses of study were health science, mental health and nutrition.

University of Chicago

Aurora H. completed the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. Her area of specialization was cognitive neuroscience. She performed original research that culminated in a master's thesis project about autobiographical memory and emotion in older adults.

Her time at the University of Chicago strengthened her technical writing skills. As a result, she is well-versed in writing scientific manuscripts, technical protocols and grant proposals.


1,056 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Aurora H. has worked in the health care industry for more than 5 years. This includes clinical work as well as scientific research. Past experiences include working in a psychiatry department researching the effects of co-occurring diabetes and depression; neuropsychological testing with patients who have a variety of neurological diseases; and research into the early predictors of Alzheimer's disease.

Her experience writing health and wellness articles includes content about mental health, diabetes, cancer, chronic disease, diets, and nutrition.


479 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

As an employee in a medical facility, Aurora H. is well equipped to write content about pregnancy, diabetes management, medication use, complementary medicine and other medical topics.


337 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Aurora H.'s bachelor's degree in human physiology gives her extensive experience in the exercise physiology field. She has used this expertise to write numerous articles on exercise, use of supplements, weight loss, increasing muscle mass, and novel exercise techniques.


195 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Aurora H. has worked in scientific research for nearly a decade. This includes experience in a basic science laboratory studying insect physiology as well as her current research in the area of brain imaging as a biomarker of age-related cognitive decline. As a result, she is equipped to write confidently about basic biology, scientific research findings, science experiments for the classroom, clinical and research applications of MRI and other neuroimaging modalities, genetics, and pharmacology.

Importantly, Aurora H. critically reviews scientific journal articles before writing science content. Her academic affiliation gives her access to journal articles that are typically behind a paywall. Thus, she is able to write objectively and accurately about an array of science topics.


188 Projects Completed

Aurora H. has written more than 75 articles about education and technology, ways to help struggling students improve academic achievements, specific classroom techniques or curricula, and trends in higher education


129 Projects Completed

Aurora H. has written numerous articles about cooking techniques, food preparation, and ingredient information. On a personal note, she loves home cooking and trying new recipes, including Spanish, Thai, and Indian cuisines.


127 Projects Completed

Aurora H. has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Many of her travel experiences include camping and other outdoor recreational activities. She has written travel pieces about specific local attractions, general travel tips, and cultural activities around the world.


78 Projects Completed

Aurora H. has written a variety of career articles, including career overviews, tips on training opportunities, information about post-baccalaureate experience, and other career building. Many of these articles appear on eHow.com or Livestrong.com.

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1,646 Projects Completed

Aurora H. contributes to blogs about a variety of topics, including mental health, nutrition, exercise, alternative medicine, medical conditions, business, and travel. She makes difficult concepts accessible to readers and maintains a friendly, informative tone. She also uses SEO techniques to improve page-views and search engine ranking.


757 Projects Completed

Most of Aurora H.'s work is writing short articles and feature pieces for online clients. She writes high-quality short articles for a variety of online clients that provide the needed information in a professional yet accessible tone. Longer feature pieces compile extensive research and interviews to create a well-rounded final product.


8 Projects Completed

Aurora H. works in a scientific research lab in the mental health field, giving her experience writing and reviewing research grants and project proposals. She is well-versed in animal and human physiology, genetics, psychology, and neurology literature and can positively contribute to scientific and technical projects.

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