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Wendy has been writing since she was a child. Being homeschooled until seventh grade, Wendy's mother chose to focus on honing her communication skills at an early age.

At age 20, she graduated with a BA in written communication, during which time she had an internship assisting in writing scripts for a radio program. After graduation, she spent four years at the FBI where she proofread and edited the agents reports, since many of them detested writing.

Now a stay-at-home wife and former homeschooling mom to two boys, Wendy stays busy working on a brand new business venture helping small business owners manage their marketing tasks so they can focus on what they do best.

She took a break from WriterAccess the past several years to focus on other career aspirations.

------------- Client Comments from 2013 thru 2017------------

"Thank you for the good article. I look forward to hiring you many times again!!!!"


"It was very good and FAST!! Thanks so much!"

"Superb article, Wendy! Client is very pleased. Thanks!"

"Wow. What an amazing turnaround! I have quickly skimmed and love it already...so happy! You are a life saver. Thank you!"

"You are so fast, Wendy. Thank you!"

"I wish you could see the paper I printed out. So many areas have "love", "love", "love" all over them! Can't thank you enough."

"Thanks again Wendy. I appreciate your expediency!"

"Love it!! Thanks so much!"

"Great job, especially using the kindergarten curriculum as an example. Thanks."
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Wendy writes in a clear and concise way and has written in several different industries, including, but not limited to, education, medical, legal, real estate, relationships, kids/family, self-help, beauty, food, politics, and government.

Wendy enjoys the versatility of writing topics as a freelancer and has written many articles with SEO-rich content, blog posts, and product descriptions and email campaigns.

She excels in papers requiring painstaking, detailed research and a serious, professional tone. She has also enjoyed writing in a variety of styles for projects such as self-help articles and blog posts.

Since 2020, she has taught herself (through books and mentors) about marketing strategy and is now able to implement that knowledge more mindfully as she writes for clients.


She is busy (and interested) in raising her two boys, now eleven and fourteen years old. She is a stay-at-home mom whose main purpose is to be present and available to care for her family.

Wendy, among other active pursuits, loves to read and takes weekly library trips during the summer. Writing needs fuel. Books are her fuel.


The Master's College

Wendy began her college education at 15 years old. She started at a local junior college to complete her general education courses before transferring to her college of choice to pursue writing. Her goal, at that time, was to graduate and possibly get a job writing articles for an intellectual magazine or go overseas and teach in a school for street children in India.

Her time at The Master's College was rewarding and very helpful in honing her craft and realizing her strengths in her particular style... research and informative papers and articles.

Norwich University

All through her life, she dreamed of being a spy at the CIA. During her stint at the FBI, her goals never changed. After searching for jobs, she realized all the opportunities in which she was interested required a master's degree. That was her motivation for pursuing her extended education.

During those 18 months of education, she met and married her husband and got pregnant. One week after fulfilling her requirements for her master's degree, her first son was born. Wendy's perspective is that despite her goals for an active and interesting government career, life intervened and she is now a happy wife, content stay-at-home mom, and thriving freelance writer.


313 Projects Completed

As someone who has earned her master's degree, Wendy is knowledgeable about education from first-hand experience. She has been able to use her experience and research skills to write about everything from how to write an essay to researching colleges and informative articles for teachers on various teaching skills and ideas for the classroom.


69 Projects Completed

Wendy worked with the government in the fraud department as a financial analyst in a past life. This experience allows her special knowledge in working with legal matters and how the court system works because of the various cases on which she assisted.

Wendy has used her knowledge and researching skills to write pieces for a law firm for those who have been injured or become sick through negligence of other companies.


43 Projects Completed

Wendy has written educational articles within the nursing field as well as numerous product descriptions for medical equipment. She loves details and is adept at researching the topics and providing quality information within an article. Her work in this area has been rated highly by her clients.

Other pieces have focused on "If you or a loved one has suffered due to xyz.." but have required extensive research on medical issues and medications as well.


39 Projects Completed

Wendy wrote many product descriptions for medical products under this industry heading as well as a self-help posting in which she received an exceeded rating. Considering the number of topics included under industry, "other" seems to be the catch-all for everything else. Wendy's confidence regarding various topics increases with every assignment.

The following sample is a portion of a piece Wendy wrote called "What is the Meaning of Life?" To the best of her knowledge, it has not been published.

Real Estate

30 Projects Completed

Real estate information takes research. Wendy has enjoyed her experiences writing about different areas of the country because of her love of research and finding picturesque locations and colorful ways to describe them. Since all of Wendy's work is owned by her clients, the following sample is a description of Wendy's new home so you have a feel for her writing style.

Self Help

11 Projects Completed

Wendy has realized a strength in writing self-help pieces. She has always been rated above expectations in this area possibly because of her personal experiences.

In the past, she struggled with extreme anxiety and agoraphobia and regularly experienced panic attacks and other personally destructive behaviors. Because of these experiences, Wendy has a strong grasp of moral and spiritual principles which can often apply to personal issues and she desires nothing more than to help others overcome their own personal struggles.


7 Projects Completed

Having been married for a decade (it just sounds more impressive that way), Wendy feels comfortable and confident about writing for those who need help in their relationships for dating or marriage.

Wendy has a strong religious background and understands the importance of having a moral compass within every aspect of life. She welcomes the opportunity to write in a way that people are helped in their personal lives as well.


7 Projects Completed

Wendy has worked on several pieces within the beauty industry. Some of them are promoting various medical procedures or hair salons and even night creams. In her own experience, she has used different brands of makeup and skin care regimens (with varying degrees of frequency) in addition to hair care needs which adds to her ability to write competently in this industry with the necessary research.


6 Projects Completed

As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of two boys, Wendy is well-versed in the world of children. Her boys, at ages eight and six years, have been home schooled from the very beginning.. about five years total. No teaching license is necessary, but the use of standard curriculum has been helpful in the daily discipline of education and Wendy (and her boys) takes delight in unconventional learning as well... whether it is a day in the kitchen experimenting on how to make ink, time outdoors searching for all the different kinds of flowers in the area, or simply the scrapes boys tend to get into on a daily basis. Wendy relishes in drawing upon those unique experiences for her writing projects when a parent's perspective is needed.


5 Projects Completed

While working in the fraud department of the FBI, Wendy had many experiences proofreading and editing casework files for bank and wire fraud as well as creating spreadsheets and graphs to show the trail of money that was stolen from people.

During her four years with them, she was able to work on three cases where her work was showcased in the trial as exhibits for the jury and judge to see.


0 Projects Completed

Wendy and her husband pride themselves on being 'amateur foodies' and truly enjoy dissecting and savoring the meals they create. They are both passionate with their creation of home-cooked meals and tasting exquisite cuisine when they venture out. While she has not written anything in this industry for pay, she has written on her personal blog several recipes and critiques of various baking techniques based on her own experiences in the kitchen.


137 Projects Completed

Wendy has written a number of articles for clients such as a CPA firm and educators in the school system. These articles required considerable research and were well-received. Some received "Exceeded My Expectations" ratings.

Blog Post

90 Projects Completed

Wendy has written many blog posts on a variety of topics from business franchises to real estate and financial advice.

Wendy has also written a personal blog with reflective and intellectual and sometimes humorous anecdotes or meaningful tidbits from her own personal life.

Web Page

71 Projects Completed

Wendy's experience within this asset type ranges from heavily researched nightlife activities around the country to real estate descriptions or new businesses needing fresh copy for their website. She strives to ensure maximum satisfaction for her clients and has two exceeded expectation ratings and an endorsement to show for it.

The following sample discusses financial planning and, as far as Wendy knows, has not been published elsewhere.


40 Projects Completed

So far, Wendy has completed more than 20 advertisment pieces for various clients at WriterAccess. Each of them required research and SEO placement for maximum return and each project was received well by the client.

Product Description

37 Projects Completed

Wendy has written a variety of product descriptions ranging from sexy costumes to medical equipment. She is professional and straight to the point and has always received a good response from the clients.

White Paper

2 Projects Completed

Wendy, at 20 years old, did a research paper on the differences between the Mormon faith and Christianity.

It took several months of reading and research and finally writing her findings down in a clear, concise manner that would be easy to read and understand.


1 Projects Completed

Wendy has experience creating PowerPoint presentations, including a presentation for her master thesis.


1 Projects Completed

At 16 years old, and in her first year of college, Wendy worked on a research paper for her political science class on the candidates for the 1996 election. The purpose of this paper was to condense the stances of each of the candidates on all the relevant issues that year, such as taxes, welfare, crime, and abortion, and then state her opinion.

Since then, Wendy has written articles about current events and enjoys remembering her first attempt so long ago.


1 Projects Completed

Wendy, at 19 years old, had an internship with a radio ministry called "Grace to You." She had many tasks, which included learning to write scripts for the radio broadcast as well as writing letters to donors and those who support them.

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