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Leo began his career as a journalist - first on his college paper while sending freelance pieces elsewhere, then as the assistant editor of a citywide 'alternative' publication. Aged 22 he started his own local paper (covering a two-zipcode area of about 90,000 people) and ran it successfully for two years.

From there he became a marketer and copywriter, re-applying the skills he'd learned in journalism (and writing many of the ads that appeared in his paper) for a series of startups in the Boston area.

In 2013 his first novel, Legion, was published by Argilla Tabula and became an immediate bestseller. Ten more books (as of August 2020) have since followed, all of them both critically and commercially successful.

His second company, science-fiction publisher Henchman Press, went live in September 2014 with its aptly (but coincidentally) named debut title, First Strike by Christopher Nuttall. That book was an immediate bestseller and the first of about fifty that Henchman would go on to publish, including a number of other bestsellers and one (2015's A Time To Die, by Mark Wandrey) finalist for the Dragon Award.

As Publisher of Henchman, Champion was responsible for selection and acquisition of books and their progress through the pipeline from there to launch - proofreading and editing a majority of them himself but delegating others to contracted editors; selecting and commissioning cover art; formatting the final manuscripts into ebook and print editions; publishing on Amazon, B&N Nook, Apple, Google Books, and other sales channels, followed by post-release marketing and publicity efforts.

After five successful years, Champion decided for personal reasons in September 2019 to shut Henchman down so that he could focus on new challenges. This was done with money remaining in the bank and all stakeholders happy.
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Leo's written just about everything at one point or another, but what he really prefers (and is definitely best at) is solid content-marketing material. White papers, blog posts, brand journalism - substantive, often longer-form, copy.


Leo's hobbies include reading, documentaries, fiction and long-distance running.

His reading tastes are pretty broad - fiction and non-fiction, the non-fiction consisting of books from all over the spectrum but probably more history than anything else. Likewise, his taste in film leans toward serious documentaries about whatever... new information is *inherently* interesting.

Writing novels began as pure recreation, but that changed when the first one became an accidental bestseller. Ten more have since followed.

Other hobbies include long-distance running (plan is to someday run the Boston Marathon), live theater and cheering for the Boston Red Sox.


Harvard Extension School

Attended classes full-time at Harvard Extension School, a department of Harvard University.

La Trobe University

Tertiary qualification in information science, the field that (by my understanding) US academia refers to as "computer science".

Courses included:

Web design (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as best practices for application);

Fundamentals of programming, networking, and database engineering;

Information systems design and architecture;

Fundamentals of marketing;

Principles of business management.


500 Projects Completed

Between employers, freelance clients and agency work, Leo's handled just about every type of marketing writing you could name. Except media scripts; he's never been hired to write scripts.


350 Projects Completed

Leo began his career as a journalist, first working his way up to assistant editor of Boston's citywide 'alternative' paper, Editorial Humor.

He went on to successfully start a local newspaper, the Allston-Brighton Voice, which he ran as editor/publisher (covering many stories personally, assigning reporters to others and editing their work; mentoring new one) for about 2.25 years.

Years after the Voice, as a freelancer, he began editing books - proofing, copy-editing and line-editing manuscripts from Twilight Times Press, Perseid Publishing, Baen Books and various individual (self-published) authors.

He's also published three novels of his own, with a fourth on the way.

High Tech

150 Projects Completed

Case studies, marketing support materials, press releases; essentially all written communications for a second-stage tech company.


25 Projects Completed

Editing and rewriting individual clients' resumes. This work ranged from basic proofing, to full rewrite of the resume in order to clarify information, make the material clearer, better-organized and more readable, and provide search-relevant keyword strings.

At times, a client would be applying for multiple types of jobs, or work in multiple industries. In that case the resume would be 'forked' in order to provide better-customized information for specific intended recipients.

Blog Post

30 Projects Completed

Created and ran a book publisher's blog for a while as part of their online marketing strategy. Posts consisted of book snippets and announcements as well as original posts about fiction, the book industry or current issues.

These posts were generally credited to the head of the publishing house or to a senior editor, but in fact written by Leo. He also coordinated guest-post exchanges (with authors and book bloggers, for promotional purposes) and managed the comments community.

White Paper

15 Projects Completed

Leo's written quite a few white papers on various topics, mostly ghostwritten on behalf of various agency clients.

They're definitely his favorite style of writing - it's extremely satisfying to produce readable, informative long-form work.


4 Projects Completed

Short story in Perseid Publishing's 'Lawyers in Hell', the latest volume in a very successful series.

Three novels so far: 'Legion', 'The Shark Boats', and 'Her Majesty's Western Service', with a fourth, 'Highway West' about to be released through Henchman Press.

Direct Mail

2 Projects Completed

Have written direct mail for clients including Colorado Springs advertising agency Sandia.

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