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Dena has written all her life, including many articles for websites and also six self-help books about the revolutionary acupressure healing technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (or E.F.T.) Her areas of expertise include business, finance, fine art, photography, personal growth, traditional and alternative health, new age, spirituality, fashion, hobbies, music, sports, books, travel and fine dining.
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Dena loves writing content for the web, marketing materials, product descriptions and sales letters, as well as non-fiction books and articles. Her style has been described as succinct but accessible. She has expertise in a variety of topics but also loves doing research for writing projects on topics new to me. She has written extensively about business, photography and art as well as metaphysical and spiritual topics.


Dena's interests include fine art, photography, personal growth, alternative health, new age, spirituality, business, finance, technology, fashion, hobbies, music, sports, books, travel and fine dining.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Her studies included Fine Art as well as English Literature, Journalism and Creative Writing.


1,517 Projects Completed

Dena has written a number of articles, blog posts and marketing materials for print and websites in the health industry. The majority of this writing was related to cancer information, treatment and recovery. She had to do extensive research for this writing and enjoyed expanding her knowledge base and awareness in this area. Some of her health-related writing has also explored the numerous holistic treatment options for cancer.


204 Projects Completed

In the area of Finance, Dena has written website content including blog posts and articles. It is an industry that fascinates her. Dena enjoys learning more about the world of Finance as well as writing about it.


181 Projects Completed

Dena has written job descriptions for classified ads as well as content for blogs and websites. She is endlessly fascinated by all of the different sorts of career paths that are available for every interest. She feels there is a whole new, growing pool of jobs available as the internet evolves and expands. Dena loves researching new career paths and helping others to connect with them through her writing.


179 Projects Completed

In the Education field, Dena has written descriptions for classes as well as quite a bit of curriculum for English, Art and Personal Development classes. She has also composed blog posts and articles for websites related to Education and Personal Development. Dena has written promotional literature including flyers and advertisements promoting classes.


172 Projects Completed

Dena has written blog entries, articles and website content on topics related to and within the Entertainment industry. She loves learning and writing about the ins and outs of this field. Whether it's contributing with information she already has, or doing research to write about something new, Dena finds entertainment writing to be very engaging and fun.


111 Projects Completed

Fitness as well as Health and Nutrition are areas Dena is passionate about and loves learning more about. She has written website content and blog posts related to Fitness and fitness equipment. Fitness is something that most everyone aspires to learn more about and incorporate into their daily lives, and Dena loves contributing with this sort of writing.

Self Help

110 Projects Completed

Dena has written numerous articles and content for websites and blogs in the Self Help field. She has also written several books. She's been a ghostwriter for a life coaching blog and she also contributes to a self help website She helped to co-found called The Unconditional Love Connection (www.ulc-online.com), a personal development website. The Self Help books she's written are primarily related to a personal growth technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.) The titles are "The Science of Getting Rich with EFT," "Passive Income Success with EFT" and "Think and Grow Rich with EFT."


94 Projects Completed

Dena has written Fashion-related content for an e-zine as well as for websites and blogs, connecting fashion to self-care, creativity and self-expression. She loves staying in tune with the latest trends in fashion and in popular culture. She is able to learn a lot in doing research for writing projects, reading about current trends, as well as contributing what she already knows and appreciates about fashion and the fashion industry.


87 Projects Completed

Dena has written spiritual content in the form of books, brochures and also web content for churches and healers. The books she has written have been related to spiritual topics including "Spiritual Growth with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.)" She has also written extensively about the Near Death Experience (NDE) for websites and blogs.


86 Projects Completed

Nutrition as well as Health and Fitness are areas Dena is passionate about and loves learning more about. She's written website content and blog posts related to Nutrition as well as edited online recipe listings.


47 Projects Completed

Dena loves writing about relationships. She finds them endlessly fascinating and believes they are fertile ground for exploring the human experience. She has written numerous articles and blog posts about relationships for self help and personal development blogs and websites and truly enjoys this sort of writing. She has also connected with exploring how to make relationships as amazing as possible using the personal development tool EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.)


47 Projects Completed

Dena has written Food-related blog posts content for websites related to food and recipes, as well as content for restaurant websites.


31 Projects Completed

Dena has written quite a bit of website content related to the topic of Hobbies, many of them connected with the field and practice of Yoga. She has contributed to blogs about hobbies as well. Dena believes it is very important for people to have recreational activities, and hobbies such as Yoga can really enhance one's life experience, body, mind and spirit. Dena loves writing about the hobbies she knows something about, but she also enjoys learning new things while researching other hobbies.

Non Profit

22 Projects Completed

Dena loves contributing to the support of Non Profit organizations through her writing. She has done so via articles, blog posts and promotional material. Doing writing for non profit organizations gives her a wonderful feeling of contributing in areas that benefit others. There is a spirit of generosity and gratitude she gets to tap into when doing this sort of writing, whether it's an organization she already knows something about, or one that allows her to do research and learn something new.


20 Projects Completed

Dena has written extensively about issues related to the health and well-being of women, She is passionate about sharing information which helps women to thrive in body, mind and spirit. Some of her writing connects women's health with the acupressure technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), but she has also written articles and blog posts related to navigating the treatment and recovery process in breast cancer.

Green Living

17 Projects Completed

Dena has written content related to Green Living for websites, blogs and advertisements. She has also provided content for an environmentally friendly beach cleaning service (see sample below.) Dena loves doing this sort of writing because she knows it is helping to contribute to a better quality of life on the planet and to making the world a better place for future generations.

Blog Post

3,150 Projects Completed

Dena has written Blog entries on a wide variety of topics, including New Age, Personal Development, Health and Travel.


1,022 Projects Completed

Dena has written articles for the web on a wide variety of topics.


8 Projects Completed

Dena has written three self-help books and loved the writing and editing process from beginning to end.


3 Projects Completed

Dena has written a number of speeches related to the personal development field.

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