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Rena graduated cum laude with an Associates degree in Liberal Arts from Delaware County Community College and a Bachelors in English from Millersville University. She spent five years homeless in Great Britain but now resides where she grew up in the greater Philadelphia area.

She has been a freelance web content writer since October, 2006. Sites she has written for include Demand Studios' eHow, Bright Hub, Yahoo Contributor Network, Hub Pages, 451 Press and (an environmentalist blog.) She had an essay published in "A Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers" (Adams Media; 2008.) Her flash fiction story "Peter and Sid" was published in "The Best of Every Day Fiction" (2008.) Her first ebook is "Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" (2014).

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Rena specializes in web content that packs the most information in the space of one or two computer-screens. She also writes blog posts, journalistic pyramid-style short news posts, book reviews, artistic criticism, very short biorgraphies, how-to guides, op-ed pieces and short essays. She can write in third person but often is often asked to write in first person conversational. She is familiar with UK English as well as US English.


Subjects Rena prefers writing about include animals (wild and domestic); health (especially headaches and migraines); mental health; freelance writing; history; mythology; arts and literature; homelessness; science; tea; freethinking; politics; the arts and the occult.


Delaware County Community College

Rena graduated with honors.

Millersville University

Rena majored in English and minored in Studio Arts at Millersville University. She graduated with honors.


2,067 Projects Completed

Rena is a Pets Featured Contributor at Yahoo! Contributor Network and was a Pets writer for Bright Hub and Hub Pages. She was hired as a Pets blogger for the Webble You Network right before it went belly-up. One post on a one-horned deer found in Italy received a glowing comment from an employee at "Time." She had one essay published in "A Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers."


1,009 Projects Completed

See Bio/Pharm and add that Rena was a Mental Health writer for Bright Hub's Health Guide website. She was the blogger for "Depression Talk" for 451 Press. She currently writes a free Word Press blog called "Reasons Not to Commit Suicide." Her uncle, a decorated World War II veteran, committed suicide.


111 Projects Completed

Rena has written hundreds of articles, blog posts and Google News items on specific celebrities, authors, muscians, reality starts, athletes and politicians. Rena has also rewritten or spun breaking celebrity news articles on request. Pure Content asked Rena to write hundreds of mini-biographies of Australian celebrities.


101 Projects Completed

Rena has written hundreds of articles, blog posts, reviews and Google News items on specific artists, CDs, concerts, musical styes and genres. She can rewrite articles on request. Her favorite musician is Peter Gabriel but she also enjoys classical music, classic rock and world music.


1,055 Projects Completed

Clients mainly ask Rena to write a succinct, conversational 100 - 1000 word content pieces on a wide variety of subjects. Rena will add a bibliography or source links on request. Rena can incorportate keywords or keyphrases in her articles and has experience in SEO friendly content writing.

Blog Post

211 Projects Completed

Rena was a paid blogger for 5 blogs in her career, often responsible for at least 2 posts of 300 words per week. She wrote 3 blogs for 451 Press on depression, YouTube and headaches from 2007 to 2009. She wrote for the New Zealand-based environmentalist blog and also was the Philadelphia Tea Examiner for

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3 Projects Completed

Rena wote three 50 page white papers on SEO for content broker Writers Wranglers. These white papers included bullet points, lists and definitions. The white papers were geared for busy small business e-business owners that want to more effectively communicate with their SEO consultants.

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