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Sarah started her professional career as a civil engineer, but after having children she reduced her work load to part-time and took on more work-from-home projects. Multiple military moves have made her a landlord with property in multiple states. She also volunteers as a trained financial counselor through her church and the local military base.

The majority of her work focuses on education and personal finance topics such as real estate, retirement, credit cards, mortgages, and college savings. Many of her presentations on preparing to buy a house have become the basis of her financial writing. She has a portfolio of hundreds of articles that have been sold to educational websites, crafting magazines, and a variety of commercial websites.


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Industry Projects

  • Finance1,000+
  • Tax100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Construction50+
  • Banking50+
  • Garden20+
  • Green Services20+
  • Career10+

Summary of Industry Experience


These articles were written for a variety of commercial websites selling insurance, pay day loans, mortgages, and other personal finance products.


Tax issues for both individuals and businesses are common themes that Sarah writes about for various clients. Ways to save on taxes, deal with tax problems, and articles explaining new tax laws are all part of her portfolio.

Real Estate

Sarah has owned and managed rental property for eight years. As a landlord and homeowner, she has had experience with many aspects of real estate law, financing, and home repairs. In addition, her previous work experience as a civil engineer has given her the advantage of being able to assess the condition of a property by evaluating the land. Today, Sarah owns and manages several properties in the state of Florida.


In addition to five years of experience as a civil engineer, Sarah has written for several clients in the construction industry. Her portfolio includes writing and editing professional websites for construction, civil engineering, and contractor clients.


Sarah has written for a variety of commercial websites selling insurance, mortgages, and other banking products


The majority of Sarah's work in this field centers around organic gardening techniques. Specifically, Sarah has written about saving money with a backyard herb garden, raising vegetables, and caring for a personal orchard.

Green Services

As a civil engineer, Sarah has been asked to review local services to determine their suitability for various projects.


Sarah has had experience hiring people for her personal business. This gives her a unique perspective from the employer, not the person looking for work, in her career-focused writing.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post500+

Summary of Product Experience


Sarah has spent over eight years writing articles for various clients and for her own website. She has written numerous items for clients looking to enhance or improve their websites. Articles can range from a few sentences to several pages of material on a variety of topics.

Blog Post

Sarah has written numerous posts for clients looking to enhance or improve their blogs. Blog posts can range from a few sentences to several pages of material on a variety of topics.

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