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Leigia was a practicing attorney until 2009 when she decided to become a stay at home mother and freelance writer. Since then, Leigia has provided content for numerous law firms, corporations and business organizations on topics ranging from law and business to finance and real estate. She also enjoys writing about parenting and travel.
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Leigia is accustomed to writing informative or academic compositions in the 500-1000 word range on legal, business or finance topics.


Leigia loves to travel and learn about new cultures and has a lifelong interest in astrology. As a mother, Leigia is also interested in all parenting topics.


Ohio State University

Leigia received her B.A. in Political Science from Ohio State University in 1996 with a minor in Astronomy.

Indiana University School of Law

Leigia received her Juris Doctorate from I.U. Bloomington School of Law in 1999. She then went on to practice law until 2009 in Indiana.


2,570 Projects Completed

Leigia was a practicing attorney for almost ten years. Her practice areas included specialties in criminal and family law, although she writes about all areas of the law. Since 2009, Leigia has worked as a freelance writer and has been a regular contributor to numerous law firm and attorney websites.


202 Projects Completed

Since becoming a freelance writer in 2009, Leigia has been a regular contributor to select travel sites. Leigia has always loved to travel and enjoys writing about places she has visited, or one day hopes to visit.


13 Projects Completed

Leigia is the proud mother of three children ages 24, 21 and 6. As a "start over" mom, Leigia has a unique perspective as she is involved in all the phases of parenting at the same time! Leigia enjoys writing about her children and her role as a mother and has written about her experiences in articles related to starting over as a mother, breastfeeding, the family bed, how to handle a teenager, and sending your first child off to college.


10 Projects Completed

Although educated in the field of law, Leigia also graduated with a minor in astronomy from undergraduate school. This gives her a unique perspective on her lifelong love -- astrology. Once considered a legitimate science, Leigia is a believer in its relevance and has written many well received articles on the subject.


2,214 Projects Completed

Leigia has written white papers and academic papers for numerous clients in the legal, financial and business fields.

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1,184 Projects Completed

Leigia has written hundreds of blog posts for a wide variety of clients. She provides blogs on a weekly basis for attorneys across the country.

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