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Tabitha takes professional pride in delivering web content that is both original and engaging. She edits her own work obsessively and takes every opportunity to hone her writing skills. Her projects have a very low revision rate, and in all her years at WriterAccess she has never missed a completion deadline.

Some positive comments she's gotten from happy customers include:

"Exactly what I was looking for!!"

"Tabitha, I am very very pleased with the content you sent me. I will definitely be using your services again."

"Thank you Tabitha! This is perfect. I will definitely post future orders for you. Thanks again!!!!"

"Your articles are always a pleasure to read Tabitha... I am really happy to see you writing more articles for us!"

"Loved the writing style and appreciate the awesome correspondence about the project."

"Short, sweet, and to the point. Thanks!"

Interested clients are encouraged to send Tabitha a solo order to see if her style matches the tone they're looking for. Or add her to your love list to increase the pool of writers working on your projects.

Tabitha's single favorite form of writing is the blog post. She maintains several personal blogs on a variety of subjects. Paid projects span the range from profound to humorous and comprise such disparate topics as insurance, hair loss, bass fishing, garage door repair, fall fashions, Facebook graph search, responsive web design, optimizing offshore shipping costs, and customer loyalty. She provides stellar content not only in these blog posts, but also in her other pieces, such as advertisements, product descriptions, informative pages, and articles.

Tabitha has been writing since childhood, but joined the professional writing world five years ago when she took a job writing for a small online copywriting company. She worked part time through college and then branched out, gaining experience with several online content providers (including WriterAccess).

While in college, Tabitha elected extra writing and linguistics courses (despite the heavy course requirements of her major) and maintained a 4.0 GPA in the field. In both her major areas of study, Music and Education, she gained experience writing scholarly and academic pieces. This helped her develop an extensive working knowledge of both APA and MLA format.

Since graduating with her Bachelor's degree Tabitha has been pursuing professional development as a writer. So far she has completed one graduate class in the area of writing, and plans to continue her studies in writing throughout graduate school.

Tabitha is a certified music teacher and gets excited about music very easily. She can play ten different instruments, although not simultaneously, and has worked in a variety of industries such as landscaping, food preparation, HVAC, office work, childcare, and cleaning services. She has volunteer experience in library work, community event organization, youth work, and farming/agriculture, and has volunteered at several Special Olympics events as well.
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Tabitha's main specialty is blogging. She loves the versatility of blog posts, which allow a wide range of diverse projects while showcasing the uniqueness of each one. When appropriate, Tabitha can personalize these blog posts with a quirky sense of humor.

Tabitha also accepts projects such as advertisements, product descriptions, informational web pages, "About Us" pages, and SEO content, to name a few. She has an adaptable approach and is always ready to take on new types of projects.

Tabitha's content areas of specialty include education, real estate, art/music, handicrafts/entrepreneurship, outdoor/recreation, kids/family, and fashion.


Tabitha loves animals, plants, minerals, people, books, and music. Her arrival at a library is always a Big Event, and she leaves time in her schedule to read Agatha Christie or, for a change of pace, speculative fiction. She spends the rest of her free time gardening, continuing her education, spinning yarn from the hair of her hapless pets, playing Boggle, reading Koine Greek, hiking, camping, and singing in a community choir. She also occasionally enjoys activities such as whitewater rafting, volunteering, and cooking and eating most kinds of food.


Bob Jones University

Graduated summa cum laude with a Liberal Arts degree in Music Education


200 Projects Completed

Tabitha loves writing about engagement rings and wedding rings. She has written several pieces on topics such as stone selection and alternative materials for such rings. In addition to these, she has extensive experience in the product description sector. She's written on products such as fireplace supplies, consumer goods, and art supplies, and she's written many blog posts helping customers decide which product best suits their needs.

Real Estate

200 Projects Completed

Tabitha's pieces in the Real Estate industry number in the hundreds. Her extensive work in the industry has included blog posts, promotional material, and informative articles. She can give your blog an accessible yet professional tone, creating empathy with clients and helping to make your blog the one that sticks in their minds. She's also good at writing descriptive content about your real estate services as well as profiles and bios for real estate agents. So whether you need real estate blog material, real estate website content, or promotional material, feel free to shoot her a message or a solo order.


90 Projects Completed

Tabitha has an eclectic personality and is intrigued by offbeat or random-sounding topics. She has written niche and specialty articles, pieces that don't fit neatly into an industry, and many short product descriptions for online companies who need fresh content to help their websites show up better in search engines. If you have a vision for a project that transcends the accepted norms, Tabitha can give it the treatment it deserves and deliver your message in a clear, well-organized way.


76 Projects Completed

Blogging is essential in the auto industry, and Tabitha's blogging expertise can take yours to the next level. Whether you're an auto parts shop looking for greater customer engagement or a repair professional looking to build your online reputation, she can provide great blog content to help your website shine. Getting yourself noticed can have a lot to do with having the right blog content for your auto shop blog or the right product descriptions for the car parts you sell. Tabitha has written on topics ranging from windshield chip repair to the idiosyncrasies of a certain model of car to the dangers of driving with bald tires. Projects she's worked on recently include titles like these:

"Distracted driving isn't all about cell phones"
"How to tell if your diesel exhaust fluid has been contaminated"
"Why is your mini cooper's car alarm going off for seemingly no reason?"


67 Projects Completed

Tabitha can write practical tips that educate and inform readers about your particular niche in the construction industry. Whether you need content about HVAC installation, roof replacement, green building practices, deck construction, or window glass, her blog posts can keep your readers engaged while also filling a need in their daily lives. Tabitha has written thousands of words of SEO-friendly web content, blog posts, and well-received informational articles in the construction industry. Some of the clients she's most enjoyed writing for in these industries are those that provide not only construction services but also damage remediation (such as roofing businesses that offer both replacements and repairs). Some titles of projects she's written in this industry include:

"Safely inspecting your roof to determine whether it needs storm damage repair"
"Look out for these 6 common causes of leakage in residential roofing"
"How synthetic decks can be an environmentally friendly choice"
"Dos and Don'ts of caring for residential roofing after a storm"

In addition to her experience writing construction and repair and restoration blog posts, Tabitha has also written several projects about asphalt paving services, pavement cleaning and maintenance, and other asphalt topics. She has written about industrial and construction equipment (such as cranes and boilers) as well.


47 Projects Completed

Tabitha is a voracious handicrafter and has always been enthusiastic about learning new crafts. She has over a decade of experience in knitting, embroidering, spinning, crocheting, and other forms of needlework. She also has years of experience with raising fiber animals (angora rabbits, sheep, and alpacas), harvesting their fiber by hand, and processing it into yarn.

Other crafts she holds an interest in include origami, paper cutting, and paper flowers, such as the flowers she handmade from tissue paper for the centerpieces at her wedding.

Tabitha's interest in crafts includes a passion for sharing them with the world; she loves to research projects, test patterns, and teach and inform people about handicrafts. Prominent projects in the industry range from website content on art supplies to tips for self-employment in the handicrafting business. Whether you need someone to write tips or lessons for beginning knitters, write SEO-friendly product descriptions for your Etsy shop, or produce how-to blog posts about easy crafts for kids, Tabitha can help.


34 Projects Completed

Tabitha writes engaging blog posts on various appliance-related topics such as DIY repairs, appliance diagnostics, eco-friendly appliance tips, and more. Dishwasher leaks, refrigerator troubleshooting, microwave ovens, space heaters, and more fall under her purview. She advises readers on subjects like how to tell if their appliance requires professional help, whether or not it's worth the cost to repair it, and how to properly maintain appliances in order to prevent malfunctions. Some appliance-related topics she's written about recently include:
Air conditioning repair
Water damage and mold
The importance of having a backup sump pump

Green Living

30 Projects Completed

Solar panels and the benefits of recycling are among Tabitha's favorite topics to write about. She enjoys having the chance to inspire people to reduce waste and take care of the environment, and she especially enjoys researching details about recycling different materials. Whether your business caters to environmentalists or whether you just carry some energy-efficient products, Tabitha's writing can educate, enthuse, and inform your readers.

Tabitha's passion for green living also carries over into her private life. She stores up cardboard boxes for recycling and dreams of recycling paper scraps into fancy stationery using her combination blender and food processor in her very own kitchen.


25 Projects Completed

Here at WriterAccess Tabitha has written well-received content about bank loans versus private lenders, and she's written financial content for other customers elsewhere as well on topics such as:
Payday loans versus installment loans
Improving your credit score
How a credit card can boost your credit score
The basics of a signature loan

Whether it requires putting complicated financial investment information into simpler terms, helping people comprehend interest rates so they can manage their personal finances better, or simply creating engaging content that doesn't give your blog readers a good snooze while they're considering your company, Tabitha can be relied on to deliver what you need each and every time.


25 Projects Completed

As a certified music teacher with a degree in music education, Tabitha has a lot of practical experience working with children in diverse circumstances. This is one of Tabitha's favorite industries to write for, and the one in which she has the most Exceeds ratings.

Her experience in the field includes not only teaching K-8th grade and working as a teacher's aide in preschool, but also freelance nannying as well as volunteering as a leader in Vacation Bible School, AWANA, and Truth Trackers programs for children. These volunteer experiences involved working closely with children (mostly elementary school aged children) while supervising their games and other activities, such as Bible verse recitation, song leading, and storytelling. She learned infant care by practicing it on her six younger siblings when she was a child. Other assorted volunteer experiences with kids include planning and executing community festivals and working in the church nursery.

During her college career, she took relevant coursework including Adolescent Psychology, Educational Psychology, Classroom Management, Elementary School Music, and other classes that really helped her learn how kids think and what makes their worlds go around. She puts this hard-won knowledge to practical use when writing about kids and family.

Her personal family experiences also make her an expert in this field: she grew up in a large family and was often required to help care for younger siblings, which means she's basically been training for her whole life to write in this industry.


23 Projects Completed

Tabitha has written many blog posts about yoga, especially on topics such as the health benefits of yoga, how it can mesh with chiropractic care, and the different ways it can affect your body. She's also very interested in other outdoor recreational fitness activities such as hiking.
Her work can help your customers learn the answers to questions such as:
Why is yoga good for you?
What does yoga do?
How many calories does yoga burn?
What's the best way to clean a yoga mat?
How many calories can hiking burn?

Home Living

22 Projects Completed

Tabitha is an aspiring homeowner and passionate about lifestyle choices such as frugal living and green energy decisions. She especially loves researching and writing new angles on the subject of recycling.

Topics she's tackled in this industry include landscaping, pest control, remodeling, plumbing for homeowners, and septic tank management, among others.

Whether you're looking for content for your homeowners' advice blog, informational content on a topic related to home living (such as pest control, thrifty living, home decor, or remodeling), or web content such as product descriptions for home and garden products, feel free to send Tabitha a solo order or a message about your project.


20 Projects Completed

Tabitha has first-hand experience in the Entertainment industry. She acted and sang in theatrical productions at college, including an award-winning production of Il Trovatore and a production of The Old Maid and the Thief, in which she played the titular role of Miss Todd. She also knows what goes on behind the scenes of a musical concert, since she has participated in over a dozen choral concerts and given several solo recitals.

As a music major Tabitha completed countless written assignments on dozens of musical and arts-related topics, which (driven by her misplaced but effective perfectionism) played a large part in her eventual summa cum laude graduation.

Allowing her experience to inform her work, Tabitha specializes in writing musically intelligent pieces for an educated audience. She also happily writes basic guides for beginners, in accordance with her belief that everyone should be musically literate. These are her favorite projects so far in the entertainment industry:

"Spotlight on music classics: Sh-Boom"
"Learn how to play guitar"

In addition to personal experience and training in classical music and theater productions, Tabitha has also gained plenty of expertise in writing about numerous aspects of the entertainment and music industries. She can help you populate your blog with articles on popular and rock music, write "top five" or "top ten" lists of songs or albums, review new musical recordings and compositions, or educate your customers on how to care for their musical instruments. She's written numerous articles about music shops and musical instrument repair and is familiar with most standard orchestral instruments.


17 Projects Completed

Tabitha's writing style lends itself well to the Marketing industry. She combines clearly expressed facts with engaging wording to pleasantly deliver the information your customers need. Niches of the industry she's written for include small business marketing, insurance marketing and marketing degrees. She is also adept at creating marketing content, complete with persuasive tone and calls to action.


17 Projects Completed

Even before coming to WriterAccess, Tabitha amassed considerable experience writing for the medical industry. Combining her signature wit with factual clarity and accuracy, she has written on topics such as CNAs' careers, medical school, and the duties of CNAs in the workplace. She has written in the medical industry here on WriterAccess as well, discussing topics such as anti-aging diets, supplements, and hormone treatments.


16 Projects Completed

Tabitha has written a number of projects geared toward small business owners. She has also contributed to blogs for large businesses, writing articles on risk management tactics, business-to-business professional organizations, and more. Small business startup advice is one of her favorite topics in the industry, and she can write authoritatively and persuasively on a wide range of business topics. Although she can cover topics from customer service and customer loyalty to taxes for small businesses, she especially likes to write about how businesses can help the environment and help customers lead greener lifestyles.


15 Projects Completed

Music is Tabitha's truest specialty, since it has been not only a primary area of study in college, but also a lifelong passion. Because she has classical training as well as a working knowledge of music history, Tabitha can write with the voice of authority on traditional music as well as more recent genres. Whether you'd like a beginner's guide to guitar chords or deep analysis of a piece of Classical music, Tabitha's expertise is up for the job. Some assignments she's recently completed for this industry include these topics:
Top record covers in history
Best Superbowl performances ever
Guitar tune-ups and maintenance


15 Projects Completed

Diesel engine repair, jeep suspension lifts, limousine services, traffic tickets, professional movers, freight shipping, and optimization of offshore shipping costs are all topics Tabitha has addressed in this industry over the course of four years of experience.

Tabitha's varied experience in this field has helped her become a very flexible writer who takes a personal interest in each piece she creates. Her thoughtful and informative work can educate and entertain your customers with a personal touch that will keep them coming back for more.


14 Projects Completed

Tabitha has received superlatively high ratings from clients in the legal business. She crafts effective articles for legal websites that both inform and entertain. Her versatile style is perfect for informal settings such as blog posts or more permanent page such as website landing pages or the "About Us" page for your company.


13 Projects Completed

Tabitha knows the importance of insurance from personal experience and has written for multiple clients in various areas of the industry. She has shown herself able to both fulfill and exceed expectations. Some aspects of the industry she's written on include disability insurance, farm and ranch insurance, insurance agents, life insurance, and file backup. She can write with a serious, professional tone, or she can engage clients with light-hearted blog posts that will keep them coming back for more.


11 Projects Completed

As an educational professional who has experience working with students PreK-8th Grade, Tabitha has a passion for education and a lot of practice putting that passion into words. She approaches articles in this industry with the same enthusiasm, hoping to contribute in a meaningful way to the world of professional development for teachers.

In her teaching experience, Tabitha has written handouts, quizzes, and lesson plans by the dozens. Paid projects in the field of Education include articles on Driver's Ed, as well as on MBA programs and other graduate study programs.

Since Tabitha is certified to teach both choir and general music to grades K-12, she has an in-depth knowledge of up-to-date educational theory, the day-to-day workings of a classroom, and the technical terms teachers use amongst themselves. She can write deeply detailed educational articles for an audience of teachers, or she can condense and simplify her knowledge to produce content ideal for school website pages. Whether you need ESL or TESOL content, lesson plans, or study tips for students, feel free to send Tabitha a solo assignment or put her on your love list.


10 Projects Completed

Tabitha grew up in the country and has decades of experience living a life involved with the outdoors. Her involvement has included recreational activities such as hiking, camping, running, white-water rafting, and canoeing.
In addition, Tabitha has experience writing for this industry, including here on WriterAccess. Some of her projects have included writing informative material for a wildlife removal service and supplying engaging blog articles for a bass fishing blog.

She also has experience working with other facets of the industry. She has written informative material on accessories for recreational vehicles such as trucks, and has both worked with and written about pets, livestock, and wildlife.

Green Products

10 Projects Completed

Even when she's not working on a piece that's solely about green products, Tabitha loves to give her readers tips on how they can choose the most eco-friendly option, whether they're shopping for AC units, replacing a roof, or planning a wedding. Some of the categories of green products she's written about include:
Green roofs
Passive cooling products
Energy Star appliances
Solar panels


10 Projects Completed

Tabitha's work in this industry encompasses topics such as strategies for choosing a career, pros and cons of specific careers, and how to achieve your personal career goals. Written for numerous clients both before and during her time here at WriterAccess, these articles demonstrate Tabitha's clear and authoritative yet sympathetic writing style. She can provide useful career advice posts, help for job seekers, and content for both job listing websites and businesses that market to job listing websites.


6 Projects Completed

In addition to writing paid projects on hobbies such as music, pets, and reading, Tabitha also blogs about her own hobbies, which include books, cooking, crafts, and many others. Although she has extensive knowledge of and experience with many hobbies already, Tabitha finds new hobbies fascinating as well and loves researching them.

Tabitha's thorough research and varied experience lend her a tone of authority and relevance, and her love for hobbies gives her work authenticity and heart. She excels at producing enthusiastic and accurate content for intelligent hobbyists.


6 Projects Completed

In the commercial food industry, Tabitha's experience has spanned numerous online writing companies. For one company, before coming to WriterAccess, she wrote about such topics as renting ice cream trucks in Los Angeles.

Her favorite project in the food industry so far is a guide to gluten intolerance and sensitivity titled "How to tell if you should eat gluten-free pizza."

Additional experience has included a lot of cooking in her free time. This includes many years of experience with gluten-free cooking on a budget. And gluten-free cooking isn't the only special diet she can write about; she also enjoys considering subjects such as vegetarian cooking, healthier ways to use vegetables, how to safely and effectively grow and use sprouts in your home cooking, and other natural food topics.


5 Projects Completed

Tabitha has written numerous informative articles on the subject of jewelry, including such topics as how to tell if your ring can be re-sized and why alternative wedding ring materials are so fashionable. She also has experience writing on current fashion trends and easy ways to apply them to everyday outfits. Her projects have received high ratings, and she is looking forward to more opportunities in this industry. Whether you need product descriptions for your online catalog, fun blog posts, or industry news write-ups, she'll be happy to help.


5 Projects Completed

Tabitha has written articles on various subjects within the health industry, including material on such differing topics as dentures and material on drug rehabilitation centers. Her style is flexible and amenable to your needs. She can write unique blog posts on topics such as advice for loved ones of those going through the rehabilitation process, or she can write persuasive or descriptive content for your website.


4 Projects Completed

Gardening is one of Tabitha's passions. She grows weeds, flowers, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit trees, and more, but she specializes in herbs and kitchen gardens.

She can discourse knowledgeably about the merits of starting from seed versus buying starts in pots, the delights of producing home-grown food on a budget, the difficulties of dealing with pests such as slugs, aphids, ducks, goats, and small children, and more. She has a fondness for heirloom varieties and seed saving, and she loves to share gardening tips and tricks.

Whether you have a gardening blog, a seed company that's revising its website, or a new gardening product that you hope to introduce to the public, feel free to send Tabitha a solo order or add her to your love list.
Favorite projects include:

"Growing your own food in deck gardens"
"Optimize your outdoor living space by combining food production with food preparation"


4 Projects Completed

Do you need content for a gluten-free customer base? Recipes to help vegetarians create a balanced meat-free diet? Tips on feeding picky kids healthy food? With years of personal experience, Tabitha is a great authority on the gluten-free diet. She's also created blog posts on categories of people who should eat gluten-free, whether or not a gluten-free pizza is a good choice if you have celiac disease, and so on. She can help you answer your customers' questions on which foods are safe for a gluten-free diet, how to find hidden gluten in food, where to look for gluten-free recipes, and much more.

In addition to her expertise with gluten-free food, Tabitha also enjoys researching, implementing, and improvising healthy ways to get more nutrition in your diet. She enjoys growing and eating sprouts, and she knows some great tips for incorporating health foods such as quinoa into your diet to up your nutrition quota.


4 Projects Completed

Tabitha has written articles on beauty and personal care that include topics such as recipes for homemade beauty products. She's also written for closely related industries such as the Health industry and the Fashion industry. One of her recent projects in this industry included an About Us page and a Mission Statement page for a startup in the bath and beauty products industry. Whether you need professional-sounding content for your company's About Us page, a technical but readable product description, or more casual-sounding, engaging content for a blog post, Tabitha can provide the content in the format, style, and tone you need.


4 Projects Completed

Much of Tabitha's work in the Office industry has centered on the topic of office renovation and has included such aspects as office flooring, wallpapering, lighting fixtures, office painting, and the benefits of linoleum versus wood for offices. In addition to office renovation she's also written thousands of words on the topic of office cleaning services. Her office cleaning services articles included frequently asked questions about office cleaning, benefits of office cleaning, and other informational topics in the office cleaning services arena.


3 Projects Completed

Tabitha's work in the Travel industry has been mainly in the form of writing travel guides for various locations. These guides talk about unique festivals the destination has to offer, the biggest attractions near the town, and how to get there, as well as offering useful tidbits about where to eat and how to save money on a hotel and flight package.


2 Projects Completed

Tabitha has extensive experience with pets and enjoys discussing and writing about her Cocker Spaniels, as well as fleece animals, such as sheep, alpacas, and angora rabbits. She has written paid material on the subject of pet grooming, such as a step-by-step approach to bathing Cocker Spaniels. She has also written informative material on the subject of Avian Flu. She likes to take unique angles when blogging about pets, such as writing from the pet's point of view or writing directly to the pet rather than the pet's owner.


2 Projects Completed

Tabitha's experience in the Utilities industry includes both article writing and blogging on the topics of plumbing, HVAC, and energy. She has written posts for many contractor clients, including advice on troubleshooting, do-it-yourself projects, and cooperating with a contractor. Water damage restoration and air conditioner maintenance are two related areas she's worked in.

Blog Post

230 Projects Completed

Tabitha's experience in writing blog posts originates in her personal blog writing and carries over into her professional writing with great success. Many of her blog posts written for clients have received the highest possible customer satisfaction rating. When writing for her own blogs she prefers a humorous and semi-casual style. Whether the requested tone is informative or more informal, her blog posts are always solid and engaging.


192 Projects Completed

Some of Tabitha's catalog writing experiences have included numerous fireplace product descriptions, an extensive range of product descriptions for an art supply company, and many product descriptions in the consumer goods industry. Her product descriptions are captivatingly creative, but she takes care always to keep them within the bounds of reality and accuracy.


183 Projects Completed

While working through college, Tabitha wrote articles on such subjects as Certified Nurse Assistant schooling and renting ice cream trucks. She has also written articles for various websites and clients, including some here at WriterAccess. Her article-writing experience encompasses topics like classroom management, media use in the classroom, steps for bathing a cocker spaniel, and B2B professional organizations, among others.

Product Description

151 Projects Completed

Tabitha has extensive experience creating unique product descriptions for products ranging from wood stoves to vehicle decals. She has described products in the industries of craft, auto, HVAC, consumer goods, and more, providing fresh and clearly-written content in each instance. She enjoys writing succinct descriptions and can complete them both quickly and skillfully.

Web Page

27 Projects Completed

Tabitha has written web pages in such varied areas of the spectrum as anti-aging techniques, wildlife removal, and even translation services. She adapts her expertise to each situation, allowing the unique aspects of the project to be reflected in the final piece. A recent highly praised project of nearly six thousand words included persuasive writing and strong calls to action on six web pages written for a commercial cleaning company.

Press Release

4 Projects Completed

Although she specializes in copywriting and blogging, Tabitha can also adopt a more journalistic tone when taking on press release assignments. She has experience scripting press releases for industries such as the HVAC industry and the trucking industry, but can adapt her experience to any area or niche required. The clear, concise pieces she formulates can deliver the required information while simultaneously casting your company in a positive light, providing positive publicity in every way.

Facebook Post

2 Projects Completed

Tabitha is no stranger to personal Facebook use, but she also has the knowledge and experience needed to provide engaging, clickable Facebook statuses for your business. Her upbeat tone and calls to action can aid your marketing campaigns by providing additional "likes" and "shares" and by directing more customers to your web page.

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