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Cheryl B
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Joined 8/27/2010
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Cheryl has been writing professionally since 2007 and has published two family law e-books. She has an associate's degree in Paralegalism and has worked for two law offices since 2004. After she left the second law office, she went back to the first law office as an independent paralegal and worked from home. Cheryl continues to take attorney clients for drafting correspondence and pleadings. In addition to the two family law e-books, Cheryl has written hundreds of articles and blog posts on family law, bankruptcy, personal injury, civil law, contracts and criminal law.

Prior to working for attorneys, Cheryl owned an automotive repair shop with her husband. Her job duties included ordering parts, office management, HR and auto repair. She has written thousands of articles and blog posts on the newest makes and models and hundreds of "how to" articles on car and truck repair. Cheryl also writes about motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, boats, motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and other recreational vehicles.

Cheryl also likes to cook and write about food. She was accepted to Prue Leith's School of Food and Wine at the London, England campus. She often makes up new dishes at home and has several tried and true recipes stored in her head.

She also writes about pets, especially dogs. She has done several articles and blog posts about the feeding and care of dogs.

Cheryl rides motorcycles, drag races and likes to travel. She lives with her husband, umbrella cockatoo and German shepherd dog.

Cheryl's hobbies include reading, crocheting, listening to music and woodworking.


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[...] "you did such an amazing job!! I am soo pleased with your work... Thank you again and look forward to project two and 3."

"Awesome thank you!"

"I love that you are a paralegal awesome! :-)"

"This was just stellar, Cheryl. Thank you!"

"Thank you Cheryl! 3 great articles!"

"Perfect! Thanks again!"

"Hi Cheryl, as usual, these are great and so well thought out. Thank you so much."


** For any orders including Surfer SEO, please add $0.10 per word because of the added time it takes to bring the piece into compliance with the score (sample pricing with Surfer SEO shown in the "Specialties" category).

Specialties --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Copywriting: $0.25 per word ($0.35 with Surfer SEO)
Journalist: $1.00 per word ($1.10 with Surfer SEO)
Blogger: $0.15 per word ($0.25 with Surfer SEO)
Gen. Writer: $0.15 per word ($0.25 with Surfer SEO)
Legal Writer: $0.25 per word ($0.35 with Surfer SEO)

Skills ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Draft Outline: $0.25 per word
Topic Research: $1.00 per word
Image Research: $0.15 per word

Content Types ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Article: $0.20 per word
Blog Post: $0.15 per word
White Paper: $1.00 per word
Web Page: $0.25 per word
Advertisement: $0.25 per word
E-book: $1.50 per word

Industries --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Auto: $0.15 per word
Medical: $0.50 per word
Pets: $0.15 per word Outdoor/Recreation: $0.15 per word
Money: $0.25 per word
Cooking/Beverage: $0.15 per word
Food: $0.15 per word
Home Living: $0.15 per word
Health: $0.50 per word
Legal: $0.25 per word
RE: Residential: $0.25 per word
RE: Commercial: $0.50 per word
Marketing: $0.25 per word

Special Offers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Weekly Car Dealership Blogs: 1,000 words - $130.00 per blog
Weekly Residential Real Estate Feature: 500 words - $125.00 per feature
Weekly Long Form Legal Blogs: 2,000 words - $450.00 per blog

**** New as of 02/26/23 -- I do not use any AI program to write or help research posts. The AI checkers are not reliable and are usually incorrect. I have tested this theory. If you want to use an AI checker on my posts, you are most welcome, but there will be an additional $0.10 per word charge BEFORE you place the order.
If you do not pay the extra and send a post back for an AI rewrite, you MUST add $0.10 per word BEFORE you send it back for a rewrite or I will notify the help desk that you are accusing me of using AI, which, I remind you, is not accurate. ****
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