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Fred is a prolific freelance writer based in Atlantic Canada, but writing primarily for the US market.

His previous careers have included retail electronics, the sale of life insurance, mutual funds and related products, and working as a chef, restaurateur and food safety trainer.

He began freelancing part time in 2003, and full time in 2011 after closing his restaurants. He wrote a biweekly column for his the major daily newspaper in his local market from 2007-2009 on the subject of local food and drink, and he published an article on land-based salmon aquaculture in Canada's Foodservice and Hospitality magazine in 2014.

Most of his writing has been published online. He has created uncredited content for major brands including Samsung, Mitsubishi Motors and Disney and many lesser companies; and his bylined work has appeared on major sites including the the Houston Chronicle's, the San Francisco Chronicle's;,, Livestrong,, AOL AutoBlog, The Nest, and many, many more.

He has created B2B and B2C content, as well as instructional content on numerous subjects and in many formats.

He was educated at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia Community College, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.
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Food, Nutrition/Health, Food Safety, Cooking, Baking, and most topics related to the restaurant/foodservice industry (drawing on his training and experience as a chef, restaurateur and food safety trainer).

Financial topics including, but not limited to, personal finance; life, disability, critical illness and other forms of insurance; annuities and mutual funds; general financial and retirement planning (drawing on his training and experience as a former insurance/funds salesperson).

Technology including general Windows and Linux topics (he has used Linux as his "daily driver" OS since 2007) as well as general computer topics, A/V equipment and hookups, GPS, and other generalized tech topics (drawing on his earlier career in retail electronics).

General business and business management topics, drawn from his own experience as an entrepreneur and former retail-chain manager, and from several years of researching and writing business-themed articles.

Career-related titles (career planning, research, education), drawing on experience earned by writing hundreds of such articles for multiple sites.

Gardening-related articles, drawing on his experience as a lifelong avid gardener and the son of another (Organic Gardening and the Mother Earth News formed some of his earliest reading).

He has also written informational and marketing material for several vendors of specialized software products.


Open-source software/community
Privacy/online safety
Aerospace/space exploration


Memorial University of Newfoundland

Nova Scotial Community College

Moved to Alberta, finished the program at NAIT.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Completed program, entered apprenticeship.


500 Projects Completed

Trained chef, former restaurateur, longtime teacher of cooking classes (approaching 20 years).

Has written many hundreds of food-related articles across dozens of high-volume sites.


100 Projects Completed

Longtime electronics retailer, former RadioShack (Canada) store manager.

Has written hundreds of articles pertaining to home/personal electronics across multiple sites.


100 Projects Completed

Formerly a licensed life insurance and mutual funds salesperson/broker.

Has written hundreds of articles across multiple sites on the subjects of investments, insurance, funds, financial planning, retirement planning, etc.


7,000 Projects Completed

Nine years (and counting) as a prolific writer of online content, amounting to well over 7000 articles spanning scores of sites and a similar number of topics.


50 Projects Completed

Wrote a biweekly column for the major local daily (on the subject of local food and local food/drink producers) in his market from 2007 to 2009.


10 Projects Completed

Scripted a series of 10 short how-to videos for the website of one of the largest coffee companies in the US.

Facebook Post

10 Projects Completed

Created a limited number of Facebook posts for a major wine distribution company, on the subject of wines and their enjoyment.

Press Release

4 Projects Completed

Wrote a small number of press releases for a company in the flexible food-packaging industry, in conjunction with a larger series of articles on their packaging products.

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