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Since 2007, Amy has been providing engaging content that people want to read to a variety of websites and blogs. As graduate student studying dramaturgy and theater criticism, she got her start writing for the web by reviewing plays and performances for and for TheaterTalk's New Theater Corps blog. From there, she began writing for a wider range of industries, including real estate, gardening, finance and business. Amy has written for Coldwell Banker's Blue Matter blog, Brightpath mortgage and CESI. She's also begun producing blog posts for medical professionals, accountants and theater professionals. Favorite side projects include writing a blog about shopping and sewing and writing short pieces of speculative fiction. Amy is skilled in SEO, including keyword use, metadata and links.
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Proficient at blogging or writing short, engaging news posts. Skilled at writing clear, easy-to-follow tutorials as well as non-fiction essays, short stories and plays.


Amy has an MFA in theater criticism and has worked in many capacities on- and off-stage. She's also an avid baker, vegetarian cook, gardener and reader. Favorite authors include Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood and Ben Marcus.


Temple University

Double major in English and Greek/Roman Classics. Graduated magna cum laude. Member of Phi Beta Kappa.

CUNY/Brooklyn College

MFA in dramaturgy and theater criticism. She translated a Greek play, "The Suppliants" for her MFA thesis.

Arizona State University

Amy earned 150-hour TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate from Arizona State University. During the program, she designed lesson plans, observed teachers in classroom settings and practiced teaching lessons.

She learned how to seamlessly incorporate technology into lessons, methods of linguistic pedagogy and current trends in English-language instruction, and ways of teaching English grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


435 Projects Completed

Finance might not be the most exciting topic for many people, but Amy has found a way to make it engaging and fun to read about. She mainly writes for a consumer audience, covering topics such as getting out of debt, managing credit, and understanding retirement. Her work has appeared on, the blog for, and on the blog of a well-known personal finance tracker. She is also a contributor to, a blog focused on personal finance.


267 Projects Completed

Along with writing articles about health topics for a general audience, such as explanations of symptoms and conditions, health tips, and different treatments, Amy regularly ghost writes website content and blog posts for medical professionals. Her clients in the medical field have included dentists, surgeons and chiropractors. Her areas of speciality include plastic surgery and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. She has also been writing consumer-facing content for a major dental product provider since 2014.


218 Projects Completed

Amy has written articles on health and nutrition for a number of websites, as well as for regional magazines. She has created website content and blog posts for well-known weight loss supplements and programs. One of her areas of focus is on health and nutrition for vegetarians and vegans. Other health topics she has covered include fitness tips and yoga.


157 Projects Completed

Amy has been creating blog posts and website content for an influencer marketing and content marketing company since 2016. Her works helps people keep track of changes in an industry that is continually evolving.


132 Projects Completed

Amy has written blog posts for several insurance clients, explaining how life insurance works and the importance of having proper car insurance coverage. Her past clients have included insurance agents in the US and in other countries, such as Venezuela. She has also created "About Us" pages and other website content for insurance agents and companies.

Real Estate

129 Projects Completed

Amy contributed to Coldwell Banker's Blue Matter blog from 2014 to 2017 and created blog posts for several other real estate companies. She has also created longform website content for commercial real estate companies and for rental property management firms. On the financial side of things, Amy has written articles that aim to demystify the mortgage process for first-time homebuyers.


105 Projects Completed

Amy has written over 100 sewing tutorials for purses, dresses, and other apparel. She has also composed craft tutorials targeted at children and has designed eco-friendly craft projects.


100 Projects Completed

Amy has written articles and blog posts for a number of women-focused websites. The topics she covers include beauty and health advice, parenting, and housekeeping. She's also written articles that focus on women entrepreneurs and small business.

Home Living

86 Projects Completed

Amy has written a number of articles and blog posts focusing on home living and design. She is a former contributor to a regional magazine that focused on design and home topics. Her work includes how-to articles on choosing furniture, design tips, organization tips for major rooms in the house and decorating advice.


75 Projects Completed

Amy has written articles for established parenting websites, covering topics such as craft ideas for kids and traveling with children. She has also written general information articles on common childhood illnesses and health issues, as well as blog posts on ways parents can get their kids to eat healthy foods.


63 Projects Completed

Amy has written a number of guest blog posts and articles examining the role of shopping in the US consumer's life. Her work has focused on helping people find the best sales during the holiday shopping season and throughout the year.


59 Projects Completed

Amy has ample experience writing about and working in fashion. She has designed and constructed her own clothing as well as costumes for local theater companies. She has also written articles and blog posts offering fashion tips and advice for women and men. She created a blog devoted to fashion and style and has contributed articles on style to a number of websites, including


56 Projects Completed

Amy has extensive experience writing recipes for websites and writing about food for regional magazines. Her recipes range from vegetarian meals to baked goods. She has also written articles providing tips for getting a meal on the table quickly. An avid cook and baker, Amy enjoys creating vegetarian dishes at home, as well as trying out fun and exciting new dessert recipes. She's experimented with making pickles, yogurt and other fermented foods in the home kitchen.


52 Projects Completed

Amy has written gardening articles for several websites, as well as for her own blog. She has been gardening in a small urban garden for the past four years and has cared for a medium-sized, perennial garden at Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia for the past two years. Her experience writing about gardening covers tutorials on growing different plants, tips on dealing with different pests, and information on soil.


44 Projects Completed

Amy has ghostwritten blogs for legal professionals, including criminal defense attorneys. She has also written website content for lawyers who focus on employment law and first amendment rights, as well as blogs for personal injury attorneys.

Green Living

21 Projects Completed

Amy has published articles on green living for a number of online magazines and for regional print magazines. Her writing focuses on simple ways to "go green at home," including making small changes room by room. She also focuses on re-using and recycling items and organic gardening.

Blog Post

885 Projects Completed

Amy is former contributor to a regional blog, covering arts and entertainment as well as news. She has also contributed blog posts to theater blogs as well as blogs about crafts, family, and health. Amy is a successful ghost-blogger, creating inbound marketing and B2B blog posts for dentists, plastic surgeons and e-commerce sites.


295 Projects Completed

Amy has written articles on a range of topics, from academic papers to general information articles on health, finance, and home living. Work includes articles on green living published in a regional print magazine as well as works published on the web.

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