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She is a multimedia journalist who graduated from college almost a year ago. She has experience working for a newspaper where she wrote features as well as hard news. She also had the opportunity to work with two local radio stations on multiple occasions where she has been able to write scripts for a short news update as well as edit audio for both stations.
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She has written features, political, and local news stories.


She is very interested in culture and entertainment. She also enjoys health and wellness as well. She like reading and writing about information that is not necessarily well known and helping other people learn more about that information as well.


Missouri State University

She went to school for Journalism. While there she took multiple media and journalism classes to prepare her for a job in that field. She was able to take a feature writing class, multiple news writing classes, a few broadcast classes, and a copy editing and design class.


6 Projects Completed

This article was among a few written by her at her internship with a local news paper. She was able to interview a professional football player who was donating money toward a new football field at a high school. She was able to interview key people in the process of starting an all-girls school in the city as well.


2 Projects Completed

She was able to visit city hall and sit in on a meeting along with her editor at the time to learn more about how the city council meeting go. She also wrote about the mayoral elections and neighborhood association elections.

Radio Spot

7 Projects Completed

She wrote several for a news update for a local radio station while interning at a news paper. Not only did she write the script, but she recorded and edited herself saying the script for update as well. This was one of many weekly updates that spanned the last full month of her internship.

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