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The first time Lani was published was in Pre-K. It was a poem about Barbie heads, it was awful, and she felt so accomplished. She wrote competitively throughout school, joining the newspaper team in sixth grade and sticking with it through her BA in English from the University of Texas. Lani's written content since 2002, long before content writing was “a thing.” But the Barbie poem was the highlight of her career, if we’re being honest. ;) Writing is in her blood, it’s the core of her identity, and in her final days on Earth, you’ll find her in a nursing home, banging something out on the typewriter and complaining about remembering a time before Twitter existed, and that it’s cold in here, meh!

Now, Lani's the COO of an entrepreneur news magazine, The American Genius, and co-founded the Big Ass Social Happy Hour (tech networking events), the Remote Digital Jobs group on Facebook, and the Austin Digital Jobs group with roughly 50K members, and quarterly events that attract an average of 500 attendees.
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Business Practices, Business Culture, Technologies, Social Media Marketing, and Residential Real Estate


Diversity + Inclusion Initiatives, Employment Practices, Economics


The University of Texas at Austin

Co-Founded the Undergraduate English Association. Member of the Sigma Tau Delta honors fraternity. Two courses short of a second B.A. (in Spanish Language), I studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain in the study abroad program at UT.


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Marketing is where Lani has been a recognized leader, speaking on many stages on the topic, helping to usher in the new eras of digital strategy. Her content has been syndicated in publications globally for the last two decades.


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Lani has written business content for nearly 20 years. Business has evolved over the years, and having a finger on the pulse and a black book of literally thousands of contacts has been critical to maintaining keen awareness of the many moving parts that keep the business world moving.


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Long recognized for her insights into technology, Lani has kept a critical eye out for snake oil salesfolks in the industry. Trusted for her analysis and forward-thinking, Lani has remained a relevant voice in the tech industry.

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2,003 Projects Completed

Lani has been writing professionally, offering analysis, insight, and editorials for nearly 13 years.

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