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Caroline has created content for several niche websites over the past eight years.

One of these sites (started in July 2019) gets 2500+ daily users - 95% from on-page SEO.

Caroline has written for various content mills so is familiar with the process, but most of her experience has been gained through writing for clients with niche websites.

Seeing how SEO works in real life has been instrumental in helping her understand how to use keywords so that they're understood by Google's latent semantic analysis, so they don't need to be repeated word for word.
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Caroline's specialty is on-page SEO. One of the niche sites that she created 100% of the content for gets 2000+ users every day from SEO alone.

Caroline creates SEO-optimised content that will drive the right people to your website - the people that are already looking for your product/service.
That want to sign up for your email list and hear about your updates.

The techniques used include using relevant, unique stats and long-form content to build expertise and authoritativeness.

The informal but authoritative tone is engaging and entertaining to the reader and injects a bit of life into potentially dry content.

This brings an element of trustworthiness to the article - an important part of Google's EAT criteria.

Caroline also has experience in:

- Pinterest marketing
- Email marketing
- Canva
- Building sites in Wordpress
- Affiliate marketing


Caroline's first love is writing, which is how she got into the whole website-building space.

She currently writes for four websites in four separate niche - house plants, house rabbits, blogging (specializing in on-page SEO), and veganism.


University of Sheffield


15 Projects Completed

She used to run a website in the cruelty-free and vegan beauty niche. Though she transitioned the website to deal with all things vegan, she's written dozens of articles in the 'top ten best cruelty-free vegan mascaras for sensitive eyes' vein


2 Projects Completed

She has a website in the house rabbits niche. Over the past few weeks, she's completed 30+ articles on this website, all 1000+ words.

She's also written articles on dog training for clients since I have a lot of experience as a dog walker for the Blue Cross

Search Marketing

2 Projects Completed

Caroline has written over 100 articles for a website that used social media sparingly and wanted most of their traffic to come from organic search.

She has since written articles for a separate client documenting how she did this using on-page SEO

Home Living

1 Projects Completed

She has a successful website (60,000 users per month, all from SEO) all about house plants. She started it in July of 2019 and have 100+ articles.

Green Living

1 Projects Completed

Caroline has written over 100 articles for a popular vegan website. The articles covered topics such as:

- Animal rights issues - for example keeping exotic animals as pets, whether zoos have a place in society, and the ethics of using animals in the military.

- Dietary requirements for vegans - such as which supplements are required, how to intermittent fast as a vegan, and how to meal prep.

- How to be more eco-friendly - articles about attracting pollinators to the garden, reducing household waste, and buying ethically produced clothing on a budget

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

Caroline has written hundreds of blog posts over the past few years in the following niches:
- Beauty (cruelty-free and vegan)
- Personal finance
- House plants
- House rabbits
- Blogging
- Writing fiction (coming up with ideas, organising your time, etc)

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