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The past four years have seen Georgie's professional portfolio develop in unique ways. What started as a successful personal blog about her family's life journey, evolved to writing features and news content for a Finnish news site. Since relocating to USA, Georgie has been writing SEO pieces such as blogs and website content for a Finnish fashion start-up company, as well as writing regularly for a local Pennsylvanian magazine.
Georgie has a unique style of writing which connects with audiences through storytelling. She is succinct and communicates both researched facts and key messages effectively using this style.
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She can target any level of audience with content that resonates with the specific target group. Georgie utilizes her marketing background, making her a powerhouse in SEO and content marketing techniques that will reverberate with your audience.


Travel is Georgie's greatest passion: exploring the world and sharing experiences with her nearest and dearest. She is also passionate about female empowerment and social commentary.


Haaga-Helia University of Appied Science

A unique opportunity presented itself when Georgie relocated with her family to Helsinki, Finland in 2016. While spending her career to date working in the banking and travel industries, her passion had always lain in the field of marketing. While living in Finland, she successfully completed a marketing degree with a 4.47 GPA before relocating once more to Pennsylvania.


81 Projects Completed

While working for an eCommerce start-up, Georgie has been writing blog content and product descriptions that resonate with the target audience. She has created published content on several websites such as the story page, shipping, and returns, the privacy policy, and contact to maximize SEO and increase website traffic.


47 Projects Completed

Georgie has written many blogs and landing pages for medical businesses. My ability to create engaging content and research desired topics make her a valuable resource for these companies.


39 Projects Completed

Georgie has written many landing pages and service pages for insurance company websites. Using SEO techniques such as keywords and call to actions are second nature to her due to her marketing background.


34 Projects Completed

Georgie has written many articles for marketing companies, mostly content for their client's websites. Since she has a background in marketing, she thrives at these tasks.


20 Projects Completed

Georgie is the chief writer for a construction company's Facebook campaigns.


15 Projects Completed

Georgie has written many articles related to pets and pet ailments, mainly for Veterinarian practices. Subjects written on to date include topics such as how to extract from dog anal glands and how many immunizations a cat needs.


12 Projects Completed

Georgie is a passionate traveler who has been writing a personal blog for the past four years, documenting her family's adventures. She has also been writing a regular monthly piece for a local magazine that focusses on unique travel destinations globally.
However, her main role has been maintaining content for a Finnish eCommerce store that specializes in fashion and travel accessories. This entailed creating blogs focusing on travel-related topics.


9 Projects Completed

Writing on the health benefits of doing crosswords was a true joy. Georgie finds tying a story into the article makes the content a lot more engaging.

Home Living

7 Projects Completed

Georgie has written articles about paint shades, mouse extraction, and cooling techniques which all relate to the home. She enjoys researching and writing engaging articles that keep the reader reading.


4 Projects Completed

Georgie has renovated many homes over her life and enjoys leveraging off this experience to write interesting articles about homely topics. She has written on topics such as 'how to get rid of mice' and 'the best shades of paint' with fantastic feedback.


4 Projects Completed

Georgie has written car reviews for the auto industry with great results.


3 Projects Completed

Georgie was selected to write an article on what my family was watching on Netflix. This was very successful.


3 Projects Completed

Georgie is a passionate supporter of female empowerment and has written many unpublished pieces on the subject. She shares her ideas on personal social media platforms such as Instagram. Several subjects she has touched on include increasing self-esteem, dealing with depression, the importance of exercise, caring for each other, and how to build charisma..


1 Projects Completed

An article Georgie wrote which informed the audience how to cut down on energy usage in the summer was very successful.

Email Copy

69 Projects Completed

Georgie has been writing engaging emails with an open rate of 10 - 15%. She utilizes her marketing skills coupled with her ability to write great content and maximizes any email list.

Blog Post

56 Projects Completed

Every business needs to create content for its target group to engage and therefore convert the group into purchasers. Georgie has been creating content for companies that is relevant and engaging, wrapping it all in an SEO friendly bow.

Facebook Post

50 Projects Completed

Georgie's social media marketing background makes her Facebook posts effecting and engaging.


47 Projects Completed

Georgie has a very engaging style of writing which connects well with her readers. She has written numerous feature pieces, political articles and human interest stories for Finland Today news website and also writes a monthly article in a local magazine about unusual travel destinations.

Product Description

40 Projects Completed

Whatever the product, the description you place on your website has to convey a strong message to entice a commitment from your target group. Georgie has created many effective product descriptions for fashion and leather products.

Landing Page

25 Projects Completed

Landing pages have to convey the companies values and service offerings to their target group. Georgie's marketing background has helped many companies to achieve this.

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