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Barbara V
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Barbara is a full-time professional freelance writer after spending many years working in corporate, legal, government, nonprofit, and small business environments. Since 2019 she has honed her skills in research, content creation, and marketing, and her momentum continues to build with the many writing projects she takes on. Barbara enjoys writing in a conversational tone as if having a one-on-one conversation with each reader. Words can educate as well as entertain, and she always keeps that in mind while creating content.

Prior to writing full-time, Barbara worked in various roles, including as a paralegal and legal administrator in both the private and public sectors. She now writes for legal clients in areas of real estate, personal injury, intellectual property, estate planning, contracts, compliance, and many others.

Barbara also brings her love of travel to her writing projects. After living in Europe for three years, she returned to the States to earn a degree in International Affairs. From there, she relocated to Washington, DC to work for an international consulting group before choosing to go into the legal field. She continues to travel, including to China, Micronesia, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and the Caribbean.

Another area Barbara writes about is health and wellness, ranging from dental topics to physical therapy, fitness, alternative medicine and mental health. Home and living articles and blog posts are a favorite as well and she enjoys writing about the various indoor and outdoor topics.

Barbara has written one memoir and co-authored another. Through the process, she has gained experience in editing, proofreading, book interior design, cover design, self-publishing, and book marketing. She continues to stay connected to writing and publishing organizations and stays up to date on the latest news and practices. She thrives on compiling various types of information, from diaries and journals to old letters and various other memorabilia, and turning them into books.

A few of Barbara’s hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, and enjoying and learning about nature. She is currently designing and building a fitness trail in her forested backyard.
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