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- Documentation for end customers of software or other products
- Anticipation of likely customer questions and areas of confusion
- Communication with the source of the original information, including engineers as well as government agencies such as the IRS to ensure the guidance provided is complete and accurate
- Explaining complex tax and technical concepts in easy-to-understand ways by drawing parallels to real-world examples, using metaphors, and providing graphic/visual presentations whenever possible.
- Microsoft Office, including plugins for environments such as Eclipse


Taxation, software development, training, nonprofit


Texas A&M University

Stephanie graduated as a member of Beta Alpha Psi, a national Honor Society for students majoring in accounting, finance, and information systems. Serving as a student advisor for incoming freshmen, she discovered her love of sharing information and clarity before leaving Texas A&M, and has carried that passion throughout her career.


50 Projects Completed

A creative workshop instructor must be able to capture and keep the interest of all ages and skill levels. Students enrolled in a card making or scrapbooking workshop is just as likely to be a professional seeking new ideas as they are a first-time crafter. Workshop materials are required to be clear and easy for the enrollees to repeat on their own again and again.

Non Profit

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Writers communicating information on the behalf of a nonprofit organization must first know the target audience. A parent visiting an elementary school PTA website is seeking information vastly different than that sought by a reader of a newsletter distributed by the School District’s governing PTA Council. Without personally knowing the consumer of the information, a documentation specialist cannot serve the organization.

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Facebook posts are an essential part of operating a successful business today. Stephanie H. Broyles Income Tax Preparation uses social media to keep customers informed and engaged, and to maintain a position as a trusted and friendly expert.

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