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- Write and maintain Java code to develop tax content for both Lacerte and Proconnect Online Tax software

- Analyze and interpret taxing agency forms, instructions, regulations, tax code, rulings, and court cases to develop calculations and tax return printing

- Design worksheets and other documents to help tax preparers using the software to explain complex tax outcomes to taxpayers

- Write customer-facing contextual help for tax professionals to assist with their navigation of the software and to assure accurate data entry

- Compile, publish, and present technical information in settings such as professional conferences and customer training events. Topics include new tax legislation, program features, and “Tips and Tricks” for use of the tax software

- Refresh and present training for new tax analyst programmers annually. Training materials include technical instruction manuals published to an internal site as well as a miniature tax software program. Class participants must perform a seasonal update on the training program using scenarios and guidelines created for them.

- Design and lead creative workshops through venues including the local Parks and Recreation department. These workshops are directed at adults of varying skill levels and ages, and include technical diagrams and instructions written in a conversational tone meant to put beginner students at ease.

- Identified and isolated opportunities to volunteer in various school, PTA, and church organizations. Improved when possible and created when necessary avenues of information and built community through newsletters, websites, and mailings.
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- Documentation for end customers of software or other products
- Anticipation of likely customer questions and areas of confusion
- Communication with the source of the original information, including engineers as well as government agencies such as the IRS to ensure the guidance provided is complete and accurate
- Explaining complex tax and technical concepts in easy-to-understand ways by drawing parallels to real-world examples, using metaphors, and providing graphic/visual presentations whenever possible.
- Microsoft Office, including plugins for environments such as Eclipse


Taxation, software development, training, nonprofit


Texas A&M University

Stephanie graduated as a member of Beta Alpha Psi, a national Honor Society for students majoring in accounting, finance, and information systems. Serving as a student advisor for incoming freshmen, she discovered her love of sharing information and clarity before leaving Texas A&M, and has carried that passion throughout her career.


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A technical documentation specialist at Intuit is responsible for updating and maintaining contextual program help and technical bulletins. These materials are targeted for consumption by accounting professionals producing income tax returns using the Lacerte and ProConnect Tax Online software programs.


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A creative workshop instructor must be able to capture and keep the interest of all ages and skill levels. Students enrolled in a card making or scrapbooking workshop is just as likely to be a professional seeking new ideas as they are a first-time crafter. Workshop materials are required to be clear and easy for the enrollees to repeat on their own again and again.

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Writers communicating information on the behalf of a nonprofit organization must first know the target audience. A parent visiting an elementary school PTA website is seeking information vastly different than that sought by a reader of a newsletter distributed by the School District’s governing PTA Council. Without personally knowing the consumer of the information, a documentation specialist cannot serve the organization.

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Facebook posts are an essential part of operating a successful business today. Stephanie H. Broyles Income Tax Preparation uses social media to keep customers informed and engaged, and to maintain a position as a trusted and friendly expert.

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