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With a lifelong passion for science, David began his PhD studies at Columbia University immediately after finishing his undergraduate education at UCLA. His work in Dr. Kalderon's laboratory at Columbia helped redefine the model for adult stem cell behavior in Drosophila, but it was the communication aspect of science that most piqued his interests in the science world. An enthusiastic writer, David has published numerous articles in many disciplines, primarily science and music. He looks forward to putting his scientific insights and writing skills to work for the greater good.


Science Writing, Medical Writing, Copy Editing, Genetics, Disease Pathology, Model Organisms, Biology, Life Science.


Science, Writing, Editing, Philosophy, Music (playing, composing, listening), Chess


University of California, Los Angeles

David got his undergraduate education at UCLA, focusing on Biochemistry and with a minor in Music History.

Columbia University

David investigated the role of signaling pathways on Follicle Stem Cells, a unique type of adult stem cell found in the Drosophila ovary that has similar behavioral properties to mammalian gut stem cells.


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David's primary writing in the science field is manuscripts for publications and grants. His published works helped stem cell biologists to better understand the behavior of adult stem cells, by working to redefine the model of Follicle Stem Cells in the Drosophila (fruit fly) ovary. This involved the development of the "Population Asymmetry" model with colleagues in the laboratory setting, as well as detailed analysis of mutant stem cell behavior.


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David contributed to the data and manuscripts for multiple grant proposals submitted to the NIH for research funding. These involve the collection and organization of complex scientific data regarding stem cell behavior, presented both meaningfully and accurately.


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David has occasionally written scientific articles when given the opportunity. This has included an autobiographical piece about the nature of stem cells, as well as several articles that summarize the latest research on a various topic of interest. The writing sample is from a piece that was written about newly identified mutations that can aid in the detection of Alport Syndrome, a rare kidney disease.

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