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Shannon H
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Shannon is a full-time freelance copywriter, ghostwriter, and blogger with over 18 years of professional experience across multiple niches and industries. She has nurtured a passion for writing ever since her earliest days and has since developed an affinity for writing professionally on a wide variety of subjects.

She currently divides her time between writing high-quality web content, informative articles, and advertising copy for her many clients and managing blogs of her own. She also enjoys creative writing and poetry.

Shannon's areas of expertise in regard to her professional writing are diverse and expansive. They include but are not limited to food/dining, wine/beer/spirits, nutrition, fitness, wellness, animal care, astrology, art/the artist's market, digital marketing, small business management, psychology, relationships, freelancing, travel, culture, adult education, history, and literature.

She is also well-versed in the technical aspects of copywriting, SEO, social media management, and web marketing for businesses, individuals, and corporations of all types. Past and present clients include the likes of Lactaid, MTV, LegalZoom, Bushnell, Papa John's, AutoZone, Beach Body, Bowflex, and many more. However, Shannon also believes strongly in the value of independent businesses, so she delights in using her talents and expertise to assist small businesses and startup entities as well.

Private requests or direct inquiries are always welcome and encouraged, as she is perpetually open to building new relationships with potential clients or covering new ground when it comes to her writing career. No job is too big or too small!
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