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Lee has kept journals for over 40 years, and has written many press releases, and feature pieces for the various companies he has founded, and hundreds of blurbs and ad copy for clients when he owned an in-hotel-room tourist magazine in San Antonio for eight years. He has also been a subject in two books about early Texas wineries, and the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and several radio and TV interviews, as the Founder of one of the earliest Texas wineries, and as Founder of one of the most medal winning Texas craft breweries ever, from 2014-2017. He has spent most of his adult life looking for things that look like fun, then building a business around them. With his background in Journalism, and 40 years in sales and marketing, including eight years in publishing, Lee believes that free lance writing would be a fun career and is something that he would like to do. In the process he would like to help other people achieve their dreams by conjuring up compelling messages for them to offer to the great and growing consumer universe. "Perceived need" is the secret to success with any product or service. Lee can help you build "perceived need" for your product.
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