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David has an active and well evolved employment and experience history. He worked in an amusement park, church, juvenile detention center, society restaurant, and a NYC public school. He has been COO of a language institute in charge of schools in the US, England, Canada, and Columbia. He is the President of a nursing school, founder of a not for profit, and incorporator, builder, owner, and operator of a swanky bar by the 59th street bridge. He has played at Carnegie Hall with a Wind Ensemble and was a founding member and President of its parent corporation. If it needs to be written, he can write it.
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Education, entrepreneurship, not for profits, music, acting (oh, did I mention he is a member of SAG/AFTRA), business, and spreadsheets.


Social justice, education, music, The Witcher 3 (PC of course), and the state of Maine.



I was on the track team and performed with Theatre Cornell.


David was a New York City Teaching Fellow.


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David has been a fifth grade teacher, language school COO, and President of two Career Colleges. He has taught college English classes and presided over more than a dozen college graduation ceremonies. All the while he was growing the schools, improving the outcomes, and changing lives. Writing is part of his everyday work experience, academic and financial.

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Education and social justice are two sides of the same coin. We cannot have a just society if it is not well educated and we cannot educate well in an unjust society. David trumpets the needs and benefits of education every day he wakes. Creating a wind ensemble that provides adult a place to grow goes hand in glove with performing before audiences that would otherwise not have access to the arts.

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