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Carlton has over twenty-five years’ experience creating and editing content over a wide range of platforms, including blogs, articles, manuals, business plans, proposals, scripts, How-To books, white papers, emails, landing pages, and online courses.

His experience includes business, financial, accounting, fiscal management, contract compliance, business plan development, technical and proposal writing, non-profit management, and business and computer instruction and training. Since 1993, Carlton has volunteered at career development workshops where he helps people at every stage of their career development journey move from where they are at Point A, to where they want to be at Point B. Everyone has a Point B. Carlton has an MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship, a Master's in Humanities, and a Bachelor's in Social Science.

Carlton enjoys developing unique and compelling content that engages and resonates with users on a personal and individual level.
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Carlton specializes in writing articles, blogs, courses, video scripts, case studies, emails, problem-solution white papers, testimonials, landing pages, and websites.


Carlton's writing interests includes personal development, on the job success, faith in action, work-life balance, education, entrepreneurs, positive change, achieving goals, sports, business, careers, accounting, finance, and overcoming obstacles.



Earned a Computer Science Certificated Degree with a minor in Accounting


Earned a Bachelor of Arts, Social Science degree


Earned a Master of Arts in Humanities, discovering what it means to essentially be human.


Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Master of Business Administration, focusing on Entrepreneurship.


11,000 Projects Completed

In 1993, Carlton began volunteering at career development centers and job information workshops. He has helped thousands of participants gain new skills, find jobs, change careers, survive terminations, earn extra income, and start their own businesses.

Carlton wrote, edited, and reviewed resumes. He conducted mock interviews and role play. He assisted participants with developing business plans and marketing content for business ideas. Carlton formed focus groups where he would walk participants through purchased business solutions on how to earn additional income or how to build a business using a particular strategy.

Carlton wrote books, articles, and blogs on how to go from resume to work, how to employ interviewing tactics, how to keep from getting fired, how to stay focused, and how to transition from a job every day.

Carlton provides one-on-one coaching to individuals seeking to find work, update their resume, discuss career ideas, find work-life balance, and other career development areas.


700 Projects Completed

Carlton has written business proposals for a number of clients who needed to submit retail bids for airports and other vacation locations. He has also written proposals for organizations seeking initial funding or renewal funding based upon contract compliance criteria. He has written dozens of business plans that included marketing research, industry standards, and financial projections.

He has written employee manuals that needed updating, along with training manuals to show how to perform a particular function. He has written hundreds of email sequences for a sales funnels and has created monthly newsletters for clients seeking to engage with, retain, and upsell their customers.

Carlton has written scripts for over 80 YouTube videos and has created landing page content that linked to the video so that users could have a seamless experience from the video to the landing page. Carlton also has written hundreds of testimonials, many of which were included on these landing pages.

Carton has written technical manuals such as how to use QuickBooks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Camtasia, Audacity, and others. Most technical manuals center around using a particular software.

Carlton has written SEO friendly business blog posts and articles to help increase a company’s web ranking on Google.

Self Help

175 Projects Completed

Carlton has written over 50 Self Help books, articles, and blogs. He has eight books published, including an Amazon best-seller.

His Self Help topics focuses on career and personal development that includes how to get a job, how to stay employed, how to survive a career transition, how to earn additional income, how to grow your own business, how to achieve a work-life balance, how to achieve your goals in the face of opposition, how to stay focused, and how to find fulfillment in life, among other related topics.

In 1993, Carlton began volunteering at career development centers and job information workshops. He has helped thousands of diverse participants gain new skills, find jobs, change careers, survive terminations, earn extra income, and start their own businesses.


44 Projects Completed

Carlton has written a variety of content on relationships, including profiles for dating sites, apology letters, parent-teen articles, blogs about sibling rivalry in careers, and tons of husband-wife stories, especially humorous ones. He enjoys reading Dear Abby responses and then giving his own perspective that may make you say, hmmm. Check out his writing sample about a Dear Abby response to a woman who wants to date a man not interested in sex.

Blog Post

86 Projects Completed

Carlton writes blog posts for a wide range of industries, including career development, personal development, spirituality, finance, health, education, marketing, politics, humor, sports, relationships, and other general topics. Carlton thoroughly enjoys sharing a story in each blog post and making them logical and easy to follow. Because he is an accountant by trade, every detail in the blog must add up and make sense. (That was a blog pun.)


48 Projects Completed

Carlton has written articles on topics such topics as politics, religion, finding work, earning extra income, building a business, interviewing, accounting, and developing yourself as a person—just to name a few.

He writes engaging content and likes to include a bit of humor in his writings when it is appropriate. Carlton can handle topics such as having Trump as your boss, compromising your Christianity, creating an exit strategy at work, discovering unique ways to handle an interview, guarding yourself against naysayers, and keeping yourself from committing suicide at work.


14 Projects Completed

Carlton has written more than a dozen eBooks, one of which is an Amazon best-seller in the career development niche. He can quickly create an outline for an entire book along with an introduction section to get the process started right away. Carlton writes books that show in a Step-by-Step fashion, how to get from Point A to Point B. We all have a Point B.

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