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Words and writing have always been her passion. She believes that with the correct vocabulary and context you can truly touch other people with your message. Whether you're trying to convey your company's unique culture, build your brand, entertain an audience, inform the public, or become a thought leader in your field, what you're really doing is telling your story. Every piece of copy you put out says something about your voice, your tone, your brand, your culture - your identity.

She has over 10 years of experience in helping people and companies connect with their audience on a meaningful level. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Creative Writing - meaning she spent four years learning how to craft stories that reach out and grab people. She can help you craft a journey through any part of the customer funnel from discovery to delight. She specializes in informational SEO content - blogs, website page content, and location pages. She works with several digital marketing companies in her area as a copywriter and editor.

For six years she's also offered her services writing love letters and short stories for people who want to give them as gifts but don't have the ability to craft it themselves. She makes this a truly custom process with surveys, interviews and even Skype calls - she never uses fill-in-the-blank forms or generic templates. She considers each work a collaborative piece of art. She's written sci-fi, mystery, and fanfiction based short stories and countless love letters for people who want to see their names, and the names of their loved ones, in something unique. She applies this love and care to everything that she does because to her, being able to make a living doing what she loves is a gift.

She thrives on challenges and strategy based goals and she loves, more than anything, to take complex ideas and break them down into bite-sized chunks for people.
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She excels in writing for service-based industries, especially ones regarding home care, cleaning, remodeling, design, decoration, and gardening. If it's on HGTV, she's written about it.

She also has extensive experience in writing about game theory, board games, strategy games, card games, video games, RPGs and nerd culture at large. She writes for a local game shop that caters to Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Pathfinder enthusiasts.

She writes advice and relationship articles as well - how to's and Ask Abby style pieces that give people sound interpersonal advice and psychology-based exercises. Dating advice, solving arguments, tips for boosting your marriage and sexy exercises.

She also brings a degree and over a decade of writing to the table when it comes to creative concepts. If you're stuck without an idea for your next campaign, your big assignment, or the blog post or novel you never finished - she can get you there. She offers brainstorming, proposals, and outlines to help you get past your block. And sometimes all you need is a first draft to get you started.


She reads just about anything she can get her hands on, but her current passions are neuroscience, psychology, RPG gaming, DIY and remodeling for the home, and literally anything having to do with skincare. She has two cats, an indoor garden, and a maxed-out library card. She's a Saggitarius, an Enneagram 7, and an ENTJ.

She's interested in all things language - from writing and editing to linguistics theory and communication style analysis.


University of Arkansas

Molly attended the University of Arkansas and obtained her Bachelor's in Creative Writing with honors - Cum Laude. This included the writing of an 80-page thesis - the first quarter of an original novel.

Home Living

41 Projects Completed

Molly writes for several local businesses, as well as a local marketing company, that specialize in home services ranging from floor cleaning to remodeling. If it's on HGTV, she's covered it.


18 Projects Completed

Molly writes for a local veterinary clinic that also offers boarding and grooming services. She's also done extensive work with a veterinary pharmaceutical company editing and adjusting the reading level of their in-house studies and papers for public consumption.


12 Projects Completed

Molly writes for a local game shop that caters to fans of tabletop games, board games, and strategy games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinders, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, and Dominion.

Blog Post

903 Projects Completed

Molly writes blog posts for two digital marketing companies - over 30 clients in a wide range of industries, each of whom requires 1-4 blog posts per month.

Web Page

170 Projects Completed

Molly works with several local digital marketing companies who create and rebuild websites for their clients. She creates the SEO optimized and location-specific web page content.

Newsletter Content

20 Projects Completed

Molly works with a company that puts out weekly newsletters updating employees about current events, company news, and their co-workers' lives.

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