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Stories constantly bloom in Svaja's head. She finds herself searching for mediums that can withhold all of them; writing and video seem to be the most spacious, perhaps even endless.

Svaja is a content creator with an affinity for written content and video, and has been creating films and writing stories ever since she was in elementary school. Her passion for the two subjects led her to specialize in creative writing during college, where she quickly became infatuated by Creative Nonfiction. Shortly after graduation, she began to excel as a content writer and editor in various professional settings.

Svaja is currently the manager of a renowned travel blog. In this role, Svaja not only oversees the blog's editors and contributors, but also regularly refines its content and appearance to maintain a fresh and enticing brand. In addition to this leadership position, Svaja has had several freelance opportunities writing and editing other travel blogs, education blogs, health & fitness blogs, self-help books, and web content.

Svaja is efficient with all aspects of her writing. She quickly adapts her voice to match whatever audience her writing is meant to engage. She researches topics from accredited sources as to assure her clients are receiving quality, dependable content. She writes fast, but never sloppily. If an article or a blog requires special attention, she is not afraid to devote more time to it.

Aside from writing and film, she has several passions that include health & fitness, linguistics, technology, travel, music, and the environment. She loves learning more about almost any subject, and her innate curiosity energizes her writing and makes it all the more marketable.
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Svaja specializes in blog posts, scripts, web content, email copy, and social media posts.


Svaja is passionate about film, literature, languages, and music. Her curiosity is constant, and she also takes interest in art, health & fitness, social justice, and the environment.

Svaja is also an avid traveler, and has devoted many months traveling through North America, Latin America, and Europe.


The Ohio State University

Svaja graduated from The Ohio State University with Cum Laude honors. She significantly credits her confidence and ability in writing and Spanish to her university education.


10 Projects Completed

Svaja has worked in the international education industry for over two years, during which she has written web content, blog articles, and scripts for informational videos and webinars. In addition to her work in international education, Svaja kickstarted her writing career as a blogger for an online university magazine. Svaja is very interested in and knowledgable about the education industry, and is happy to have so much opportunity to create content for it!


6 Projects Completed

Throughout her career, Svaja has excelled in her involvement within the travel industry. She has written web content and several blog articles for travel-related companies and websites. Her understanding of SEO has benefited each of her clients by connecting them to relevant searchers. Additionally, her strong passion for travel and other cultures makes this travel-related authentic and energetic. Her writing ability truly shines when it's focused around travel.


1 Projects Completed

Svaja created an intricate social media and marketing strategy that focused on video marketing initiatives and influencers on Instagram. This strategy included budgeting estimates, blueprints for video advertisements and on-boarding student influencers. She presented the project to stakeholders and upper management at the WorldStrides organization. Out of 300+ submissions, her idea was one of ten winners and she is now involved in its execution.

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Svaja has been writing blogs for clients since she was an undergraduate student, and is confident in her ability thanks to her experience.

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4 Projects Completed

Svaja has created several landing pages for a StudiesAbroad website. These landing pages include enticing and concise content that captures clients and relevant searchers.


2 Projects Completed

Svaja has written scripts for several informational webinars for the international education industry.

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