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Stewart not only designed and coded custom database applications for clients, he also documented those systems for end users, some of whom were barely computer literate. Thus, he is adept at explaining the labyrinthine in kindergarten terms.
Stewart has been a writer, creator of presentations, and public speaker for over five decades. He excels at vivid imagery and has an excellent vocabulary.
As an editor, Stewart can skillfully distill the author's intent into clear, concise, and cogent language.
Proofreading is second nature to Stewart, who occasionally annoys his friends by pointing out spelling, grammatical, and rhetorical errors in everyday settings.
Stewart's fact-checking and research skills are outstanding.
Real Estate


Stewart specializes in technical writing, especially when aimed at the novice user.
Stewart also has the heart of a Pastor, Bible teacher, and systematic theologian, so he loves writing about biblical themes and ideas.


Stewart has many and varied interests that range from quantum physics to Shakespearean sonnets.
Stewart has a curious and inquisitive mind, so he is constantly learning things about many fields.


Western Seminary, Phoenix Extension Center

While engaged in the pastorate full-time, Stewart undertook Master's-level studies through Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon.
Stewart took classes in systematic theology, Bible, and the History of Christianity.
Stewart received no grade below an A in any of his classes.
Stewart did not complete the degree because he left the pastorate in 1984.

Dallas Bible College, Dallas, Texas

Stewart entered Dallas Bible College as a transfer student, having already completed approximately 3 years at the Arizona Bible College.
In addition to biblical and theological studies, Stewart also studied liberal arts.
Stewart was graduated with a Th.B. in May of 1975, having completed 156 semester hours.

Real Estate

105 Projects Completed

Stewart designed, created, and wrote copy for hundreds of e-mail flyers on behalf of Realtors publicizing their listings.


56 Projects Completed

Stewart has researched and written extensively regarding issues that face our society and culture today. He also proposes biblical answers to them.


2 Projects Completed

Stewart assisted a media company in Boston, Massachusetts, with RFPs (Requests for Proposals) from UMass.
Stewart worked for years with Arizona Interscholastic Association on design and maintenance of their database system for scheduling intermural games and officials for high schools in Arizona.


1,500 Projects Completed

Stewart is a gifted speaker, a communicator of both facts and ideas that can challenge and motivate the hearer.

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