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For the past five years, Jennifer has worked as a writer and editor for a how-to company. Her job was to improve articles on the website by finding better sources for information and rewriting articles to a higher standard. She has also worked as a copyeditor on a variety of projects, from dissertations to financial websites. On the copywriting side, She has worked on everything from blog posts to practice conversations for non-native English speakers.

As far as her educational background goes, Jennifer has an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in literature and writing. In fact, her undergraduate degree was focused on writing, including both creative and technical writing courses. She has edited and written articles and essays using a variety of style guides, so she is adaptable to what you need.
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How-to articles, blog posts, ESL conversations, creative writing


Food, travel, literature, animals, politics, table-top gaming, creative writing


Oklahoma City University

Jennifer studied technical writing, creative writing, comparative religions, gender studies, and the history of philosophy.

University of St. Andrews

Jennifer studied gender theory, feminist theory, and British literature.

University of North Texas

Jennifer learned about databases, research techniques, organizational tools, and information sources.


200 Projects Completed

Jennifer has written and researched in the food industry for 10 years. She has written how-to articles on recipes from honeysuckle jelly to braising pig’s feet. Over the years, she has researched and explored a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Japanese, Scottish, and Turkish. She's also taken cooking classes in her local community to learn more about various cuisines, such as Turkish food.


100 Projects Completed

Jennifer has written tip and travel articles about visiting places like St. Andrew's, Scotland and Krakow, Poland. She has travelled widely in Europe, though she would like to explore other countries given the opportunity. However, she believes that travel isn't about just visiting a foreign country; rather, it's about finding what's unique in your own backyard because every place has a story.

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50 Projects Completed

Jennifer has written blog posts on a wide variety of subjects, including financial topics, travel topics, and nursing education. She has kept personal blogs, as well. She can write posts in a conversational tone or in a more professional tone, depending on the needs of the client and the audience.

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10 Projects Completed

Jennifer has written copy for everything from financial websites to commercial websites, as well as how-to websites, working in a variety of subjects. She has worked on sections like bios, "About Us" pages, and homepages, just to name a few. She has also edited copy written by company founders to polish it and make it customer-ready.


8 Projects Completed

Jennifer has provided format editing and copy editing for a number of books, including genres like fantasy, romance, and poetry. In addition, she’s provided editing services for literary magazines, including both reading and editing submissions, as well as working with writers. She has also worked on a fantasy novel, academic theses, and poetry chapbooks as personal projects.

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