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Anthony L
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Springfield, IL
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Tony has 2 personal blogs, Dadjokesandjots and Fit2father, the former focusing on humor writing and art. The latter focuses on his desire to help other people manage and treat obesity and type 2 diabetes with keto and exercise.

Tony has been writing as a side job for about 10 years, mainly through brokers but also with direct clients. The primary topical categories for his writing are parenting, frugal living, financial, VPN, CBD and health/wellness niches. The majority of his work is in blog posts, copy for commercial websites and product reviews and descriptions.

My degree is in research psychology which makes me quick to learn a new topic and translate that into effective copy. Though I am most at home in the niches I've listed, I always welcome the challenge of learning about something new.
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Diet and nutrition
Humor, blog and list-type articles


Horror, humor and fantasy fiction, as well as gaming, health and wellness. In particular Tony has personally lost over 200 pounds with a ketogenic diet and weight lifting, and has spent 8 years researching both.


Columbia College

I attended Columbia College after graduating high school, pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. I decided to pursue a degree in psychology and transferred to the University of Illinois in 2008, where I completed my BA.

University of Illinois

Tony studied psychology with a focus on research, graduating in 2012 with a BA.


120 Projects Completed

The research Tony has done in the fields of weight lifting, fitness and ketosis have lead him to focus on health as a niche. Because of this, he's been approached by 22 different blogs and websites for copy. He has also completed over 100 articles through various writing brokers in this field, and Tony is currently working on his second Bachelors in Nutrition.


25 Projects Completed

Having contributed upwards of 25 articles to several different parenting blogs, including Thriftyguardian.com among others, Tony puts a dad's perspective on parenting, which is uncommon in this niche.


5 Projects Completed

Tony has had success in this field through a few different sites, typically listicle-type blogs. These run from short, funny dissections of a pop-culture phenomenon to longer, "top 10" style articles.

Product Description

14 Projects Completed

Tony has worked with eBay sellers, personal blog owners and larger companies to convey the purpose and benefits of their products in a compelling way.

Blog Post

9 Projects Completed

Tony has written posts for parenting, health, travel and financial blogs. He runs a parenting blog aimed at helping dads get in shape. He also creates content for Thriftyguardian.com, a frugal parenting website.

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