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This writer a full-time freelance writer with four years of experience in finance, as well as experience in satellite technology, optometry, and orthopedics. Beginning in October of 2010, she began a full-time content writing career online. She has a presence on a wide variety of content sites and ghostwrites blogs for several long-term clients.


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  • Banking1,000+
  • Finance1,000+
  • Health500+

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This writer has written a wide variety of banking-related articles for a variety of ghostwriting sites with subjects including all forms of loans, investing accounts, and bank accounts as well as tips for frugality, saving money, and financial planning. Retirement planning is also a focus, including discussion of 401(k)s, IRAs, ROTH IRAs, municipal bonds, and other vehicles used to grow wealth.


The writer was employed in finance for over four years and has written exhaustively on the subject. Budgeting, investing, debt consolidation, estate planning, and frugality are all areas of focus.


This is one of the writer's favorite categories for ghostwriting. She specializes in fertility, PCOD/PCOS, optometry, orthopedics, and geriatric issues, among others.

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  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post100+

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With over four years of experience in online content writing, subjects have included everything from international travel to careers in commercial fishing. Some of the more interesting topics have been styles of toilets used throughout the world, ancient birth control methods, the sexual habits of gorillas, how to survive a natural disaster using the contents of an average handbag, and several pieces concerning speech impediments. Anything goes!

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She ghostwrites for four blogs regularly. Optometry, orthopedics, science fiction, and all things equestrian are the topics. Blog posts are completed a few weeks in advance to allow time for any necessary revisions. The writer is very comfortable working from given titles or generating post ideas herself, if necessary.

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