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Chris went straight into freelance writing after he graduated with his business degree. Tucked under the flatirons of Boulder, Colorado, Chris began his career writing for an ethical finance blog and ghostwriting a business book for a lecturer. He's expanded his skill-set to search engine optimization and keyword research. He has also submitted a thriller novel to literary agents and has received interest in his manuscript. One agent enjoyed the opening chapters but couldn't include a thriller on her current list, while two other agents have requested full manuscripts.
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University of Colorado at Boulder

Chris got his business degree in Boulder, Colorado. He studied how to put new ventures together and how to weed out ideas that wouldn't work. He also studied Human Resource topics that gave him a fuller understanding of hiring, firing, and payment issues. After graduating a semester early, he went into business for himself and found a way to put his writing skills to good use.


2 Projects Completed

Chris's business writing falls into two categories: business documents and articles about business topics.
The business documents include resumes and cover letters. In fact, one of the resumes and cover letters resulted in an interview and job offer at Coors for a security professional looking for a career change.
The articles about business topics tackle business topics from specific angles depending on the website. The sample that accompanies this description is from a personal finance blog. However, he also broke down ExxonMobil's interest in Carbon Capture and Storage technology on a green living blog. The way he covers those topics depends on the website.


1 Projects Completed

Chris began his freelance career writing for an ethical finance blog. It was about spending and saving money in ways that directed those funds toward good causes. That involved explaining how banking and investing worked so readers would be convinced that they could be used to create a better world.

Green Living

0 Projects Completed

Chris worked with a green living guide from the ground up. In addition to contributing content, he used this new blog as a way to experiment with new search engine optimization strategies to give that blog the best chance of ranking highly in Google. His article on plastic-eating bacteria remains one of the strongest-performing articles within that domain.


2 Projects Completed

Most of Chris' portfolio is made up of articles. Most of of them are paid blog articles, but two of them are opinion editorials that he wrote in college. Articles and blog posts form the foundation of his writing, and they remain his favorite types of content to produce.

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