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Carol Ann S
Writer #3310
Joined 5/28/2011
4 Star Rating
1,863 Projects
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Carol retired from nursing in 2010, after working in various areas of nursing management. Since retiring, she found her new niche in freelance writing and enjoys spending most days learning new interest topics for her clients.

A nursing career gave her the expertise and experience needed to enter the freelance writing field on many other health and wellness issues. She began as a two-star author and is now rated as a four-star freelance writer. She is an editor on one writing site.

She has written over 3,000 paid and published articles equaling over two million words on many different subjects, including everything medical, diet orientated, fitness, wellness, the obesity crisis in America, and lifestyle changes.

This writer lends her expertise and knowledge to four writing sites working as an editor on one of these sites. Carol is a researcher and frequently steps out of the medical arena into topics of interest to her clients, such as a wide variety of law topics, car repairs, heating, and A/C, real estate, plumbing, electrical systems, all forms of insurance, roofing, sewer lines and plumbing, and more.

Carol is a published author for a biography of a family member and an honored WWII veteran. She also wrote a family cookbook and her latest book in process, "A Crazy Cat Lady." These last two books are works in progress.

Carol believes that you are never too old to learn new things, and that life itself is a learning process. She found that freelance writing takes her onto many different and exciting paths.
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