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Steffani J. holds a B.A. in English/Professional Writing and is currently working toward a M.A. in Linguistics. A prolific writer, she has worked as a freelancer for several years and produces blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and more on a wide variety of topics for clients on a regular basis.

As an educator, Steffani has taught English and English as a Second Language on levels from elementary school to advanced adult classrooms, both at home and overseas. She loves sharing her passion for reading and writing with others and learning about their culture while doing so.

Steffani enjoys a wide variety of interests and feels comfortable writing on a range of topics from education to culinary arts, travel, marketing, and insurance. As a trained professional writer and researcher, she loves putting her research skills and curiosity to work for clients on new and challenging projects.


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Industry Projects

  • Insurance100+
  • Education50+
  • Travel50+
  • Consumer Goods50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Steffani has written landing pages and insurance information posts for several major insurance companies, offiering clients insight on different policy types and coverage questions from home and auto insurance to more specialized types of insurance like boat and RV and travel insurance policies. Her expertise in the insurance industry results in well-organized, knowledgeable blog posts, articles, and landing pages that perfectly meet clients' needs.


Steffani researches and writes original educational articles and blog posts covering teaching techniques, today's college students and their use of technology, and the evolution of online education. She feels comfortable writing articles targeted toward educators and students of all levels occupying diverse fields of study.


An avid world traveler, Steffani loves places and the people who occupy them. She has written her way through several continents, including blog posts on destinations, business travel, and trip planning advice. Steffani has spent significant time in Colorado, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, various destinations in Mexico, Italy, and Germany, as well as the Pacific islands of Guam and Saipan. She has also overhauled homepage content and landing pages for service learning and study abroad websites.

Consumer Goods

Steffani has written over 800 product descriptions, generated copy for landing pages, and drafted marketing materials for large, multinational consumer goods corporations. Her research skills and attention to detail ensure that each product description or summary both meets the technical requirements of clients and gives shoppers a well-written, concise overview of each product with color and personality.

Product Projects

  • Product Description500+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Article100+
  • Catalog50+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Steffani loves writing product descriptions and has written over 800 descriptions for nationally-recognized retailers of everything from home decor to sporting goods. As a child, she loved reading catalogs and magazines for fun, quirky product descriptions, and today she loves writing them--whether clients are looking for something quirky and offbeat or concise and professional.

Blog Post

Steffani has written blog posts for herself, her colleagues, and a wide variety of companies and organizations. She specializes in a down-to-earth conversational style and relevant, to-the-minute topics that bring personality to informative and entertaining posts that readers love to save and share. From blog posts for professional organizations to resorts to DIY enthusiasts, Steffani loves to research and write posts on a huge variety of topics.

Web Page

Creating web pages and landing pages takes a concise, professional approach, and Steffani's expertise lends itself well to crafting web pages. Steffani has written web pages for a wide variety of companies, including study-abroad organizations, insurance agencies, remodeling companies, and more. Her SEO and professional writing experience has set her up for success to deliver her clients' message clearly and effectively, engaging readers through content that encourages them to stick around.


Steffani has written dozens of articles on topics ranging from the health care industry to education, insurance, and history for clients on and off WriterAccess. She specializes in smoothly incorporating keyword strings to craft articles that flow naturally while still appealing to major search engines. Steffani's thorough research experience and academic background pair well with article writing; she frequently writes lengthy, well-researched articles with short turn-arounds for a variety of clients.


Steffani loves writing catalog descriptions for the web and print, and has written hundreds of catalog descriptions for everything from luxury cars and elite home goods suppliers to national sporting goods chains. That means collating data, following specific formats that fit seamlessly with content management systems, and organizing each description specifically to fit her clients' unique needs. Steffani specializes in romance copy, from the fun and down-to-earth to the upscale professional to fit each client's style preferences.

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