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Cynthia has been writing professionally since 1989, first as a corporate newsletter specialist, then as a compliance auditor for major brands who periodically sent her out for unannounced inspections and comprehensive reporting, and finally as a ghost writer for hundreds of clients through the WriterAccess platform.
Since joining the WA team, Cynthia has written thousands of articles on myriad topics including communication, technical support and instruction, real estate, construction, medical issues and disease treatment, hospitality and many other industries.

Prior to 2011, when she became a ghost writer, Cynthia owned and operated a 24/7 live operator answering service, worked as an assistant comptroller for a major hotel chain in a popular US ski resort, and held numerous bookkeeping and accounting positions in retail organizations.

In her spare time she enjoys quilting, spending time with her grandchildren and studying the Spanish language. She also enjoys cooking and feeding the wildlife in her backyard to relax and unwind.

Cynthia also writes about four-pawed family members, medical technology, insurance, small business development, financial subjects, Christian topics, drug addiction and recover, and becoming an accidental caregiver, something she has 6 years experience with because she lived with her Mother (and was the primary caregiver) several years before her passing at age 92.


"Cynthia has been excellent for our needs! She has great ideas, writes extremely well, is very thorough and always on time with an assignment. She's my "go to" writer for a number of ongoing projects. I am happy to provide her with my highest recommendation (although I'm a little hesitant to say that because I'm afraid she'll become too busy for my projects)."

"It's always a pleasure working with Cynthia! When I need an article or blog post that's highly technical I know exactly who to go to. She's a great researcher, great writer, always on time and does not hesitate to ask clarification questions. Thanks, Cynthia!"

"One of the best!"

"Cynthia R. has been a pleasure to work with. Cynthia always researches her articles extremely thoroughly, and she's excellent at client communication. She truly strives to do the best work for clients possible, and I highly recommend her."

"Thank you Cynthia! You're amazing"
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Cynthia specializes in detailed, research-based articles and content for the business, financial, and educational industries. Of those, emerging trends, property management, and best practices for business enterprises are some of her most frequent topics.

Cynthia’s life and writing experiences have also qualified her to write a wide range of general interest and Christian lifestyle-related informative articles and blog posts.


Cynthia loves to travel and has been actively involved in Red Cross disaster relief efforts whenever her work and life situations allowed. Her interest in helping others improve their living situation has led her to volunteer hundreds of hours for food banks, to help many elderly individuals navigate Medicare and Social Security programs, and  to complete college-level coursework in social work. 

An aspiring author,  she is currently working on her first novel, a Christian romance novel for middle aged readers.


Colorado State University-Global Campus

Currently enrolled in educational courses pursuing a degree in counseling. Expected graduation 01/2015. Education includes Intermediate level Spanish courses in general education setting. Primary courses include computer applications, psychology, legal and ethical challenges and business leadership and management in a technology rich, global environment.


1,576 Projects Completed

Cynthia has a business background that includes experience working as a controller for a 17-location retail chain, an owner/operator of a 24-hour live operator answering service and an HOA accountant for an property management firm serving a destination resort. Writing experience includes articles, blog post and e-books covering diverse topics from evaluating network systems to preparing for an audit and implementing onboarding policies to improve retention rates and enhance customer service. This writer invests the time and energy necessary to ensure all pieces are factual, informative and relevant to consumers and decision-makers.


1,501 Projects Completed

This writer has been helping business owners evaluate and streamline the customer service cycle from first touch point through after-purchase engagement since 2006. Her objective, specialized reports related to customer contact, merchandise display, inventory, brand standards and product quality provide a unique metric for mid-level and corporate level managers necessary to improve the customer decision-making journey. Writing style and tone are generally fact-based and objective.

These experiences make the writer uniquely qualified to write about shopping through a customer lens, as well as a managerial perspective.

Real Estate

566 Projects Completed

Cynthia has written dozens of long-form articles for property management websites. She also specializes in blog posts covering tenant rights, pet policies, and other topics surrounding home ownership and the management of rental properties.

Having worked as an accountant in the hospitality and real estate industries in Colorado, Cynthia understands the challenges of property management, tricky customer service issues, and corporate budgeting. She has also owned and rented properties herself, so she is familiar with the challenges that both renters and landlords face throughout the home search and rental process.


369 Projects Completed

This writer has written more than 300 articles covering diverse medical topics that include EHR, streamlining patient services, compliance reporting, health industry management and ancillary providers. Cynthia is skilled at providing articles for CEOs and clinicians, as well as interpreting information for consumers about diagnoses, emerging treatments, and outcomes.

Specific health topics for consumers include spinal health, diet and nutrition, mental disorders, medical discoveries, massage therapy for athletes, women's and children's health management and numerous other subjects.


273 Projects Completed

Cynthia has written dozens of articles on myriad topics from nutrition and weight management to eating well on a miniscule budget and choosing a primary care physician. This writer works closely with each client to craft health and wellness articles to fit individual needs and goals.


235 Projects Completed

Cynthia works with clients to create unique, relevant and engaging articles on various topics that do not fit into standard industry topics.

This writer welcomes opportunities to research niche markets and industries to provide a wide range of content from how-to and self improvement blogs to research intensive communications for finance and medical enterprises.

Cynthia has worked with many clients who don’t fit into any of the “standard” prescribed industry labels. She works with many clients to craft unique, data-driven articles on topics that don’t fit the typical industry molds. This often means catering to niche markets requiring highly specialized, in-depth research, particularly markets related to medical, insurance, technology, and business fields.


29 Projects Completed


Cynthia has written blog posts and articles covering the indie craft movement, from newsy perspectives on today’s DIY trends to how-to articles covering a variety of projects. Her background in traditional quilting, sewing, and knitting have given her an appreciation for traditional handcrafts, but she also enjoys repurposing everything from old tires to grocery bags.

Self Help

21 Projects Completed

Cynthia has experience ghost writing blog post on a variety of topics including: facing your fears, embracing new beginnings and challenges yourself to get out of your comfort zone.


2,531 Projects Completed

Articles range from press releases to product review. Past topics include medical discoveries, photography equipment and artistic expression, real estate development, property management, the evolution of online learning, new technology and the arts.

Blog Post

2,026 Projects Completed

Cynthia has written more than 500 blog posts for construction topics including real estate promotion, home improvement product reviews and how-to-use product articles, homeowner advice and seasonal guides.

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