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The author has written more than a hundred opinion articles covering the economy, public policy and political philosophy. He is also qualified in data science and analysis, as well as having been a frontend web developer in the past.
Non Profit


The author specialises in writing articles on finance, politics and economics.


The author has interests in decentralised ledger technologies including blockchain, machine learning, data analysis, Austrian economics and political philosophy.


Explore Data Science Academy

The author spent a year at the Explore Data Science Academy learning some of the techniques of data analysis, data processing and machine learning. This knowledge has proven to be invaluable in working as a writer and now a paid columnist, in that it has given the writer an opportunity to use data-based arguments as part of his opinion articles.

Non Profit

100 Projects Completed

The author has spent two years working at a policy think-tank and non-profit organisation. During that time he has acquired and solidified skills in writing articles, writing reports, data analysis and data visualisation.

As part of this work, the author has also grown their understanding of economics and public policy.


100 Projects Completed

The author has written articles as well as research reports, these have been written either on a voluntary unpaid basis, or as part of the author's work, including freelance work.

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