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Christine is a linguist and creative writer who specializes in writing informative SEO content that tracks.

She began her career writing landing pages and web copy for various multi-media and web design companies. Since then she has gained more experience working closely with digital marketing companies, gaining insight and knowledge of the world of content creation, writing, and marketing.

Christine has an unparalleled level of attention to detail. She understands what it takes to create the type of content that can give you an authentic and authoritative voice. A voice that not only resonates with your audience, but builds their trust in your brand.

Christine currently has multiple published articles revolving around CBD, cannabis, women's health and wellness, and psychology. She also has hundreds of ghostwritten articles covering a variety of different topics.
CBD Products


Christine is an expert in strategizing and writing SEO content that's both enaging and informative. She specializes in CBD, cannabis, health and wellness, travel, psychology, and digital marketing.


Christine's interests include:

Linguistics and foreign language studies, creative writing, journalism, art, Muay Thai, running half marathons, surfing, scuba diving, ocean conservation, travel, culture, auto mechanics, and all things intersectionality.


The University of Miami

Christine Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Miami in foreign languages and literature. She studied Romance languages along with their phonetics and morphology. These studies also included history, culture, business, and literature from mainly South and Central America as well as Europe and a few other countries. Bilingual education and Latin American studies were among her requirements, which she exceeded in.

During Christine's time at UM, she also enthusiastically studied oceanography and marine biology although she did not include either in my major/minor.

She has also spent time studying at La Universidad de Cantabria in Santander Spain and volunteering in Rwanda, Africa.

Christine is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese and has basic fluency in several other languages. This includes reading and writing.


63 Projects Completed

Christine specializes in health and wellness. From fitness to mental health, to the new fads on the market, she's written about it all.

Her writing has also included topics on addiction, rehabilitation, health supplements, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition.

CBD Products

52 Projects Completed

Christine has written several informative review pieces on both CBD products and brands as a whole. That includes CBD oils, vape oils, topical products, CBD edibles, infused sports drinks, hemp cigarettes, hemp flowers, and different strains.

Being both a regular CBD user and advocate, Christine has personal experience with the above products as well as extensive knowledge in the CBD and cannabis industry.


51 Projects Completed

Christine has written extensively about CBD, cannabis, and medical THC.

Regarding the CBD industry, Christine has written about everything from its origins to the laws circulating the industry. She's also written strain and brand reviews, and actively advocates for CBD.

In May 2020, Christine briefly wrote SEO driven content for the Dr. Strains CBD blog. Her responsibilities also included topic relation, keyword and competitor research, strategizing content backlinks, posting, and sharing her content.


50 Projects Completed

Christine has written extensively about pet care and training, and animal health for veterinarians and breeders.

She has worked closely with USDA certified breeders and qualified pet stores to help inform the public about the critical differences between "puppy mills" and regulated breeders. Additionally, she has helped demystify the truth behind animal shelters and where the majority of their rescue dogs actually come from.


50 Projects Completed

Christine has worked closely with a number of digital marketing agencies and has written extensively on inbound content marketing for all types of businesses. That would include product, hospitality, B2b, and SaaS marketing.

Christine understands that only 6% of all business owners have a complete understanding of the complex world of digital content marketing as well as its value. Content knowledge and how it applies to your audience is often overlooked and misunderstood, leaving many companies vulnerable to being overtaken by their competitors.

Not only does Christine understand the value of a well-thought-out content marketing strategy and how to plan it, but she understands how to write informative and engaging content surrounding the complex topics it involves.


40 Projects Completed

Christine is very well-traveled—and she's written a lot about it.

Her written travel content includes topics such as traveling as a solo female, how to explore Europe the affordable way, the best New York City hotels, must-see spots all over America, eating like a local, and many more.


35 Projects Completed

Christine herself is a car enthusiast and mechanic that has ghostwritten dozens of articles about auto mechanics.

The topics of these articles include how-to guides (as in how to install coilovers or diagnose your check engine light), the best aftermarket parts for certain cars, the best high mileage motor oils, and so on.

She has also written web copy for Irontite products.


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