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Timothy P
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Huntington, NY
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Writing planning and development of educational workshops for teachers, trainers, and end users. An extensive educational history improving professional skills and creative collaboration.

Production and publishing of ebooks and print material. Well versed in Adobe CC Suite, WordPress, and writing about technology platforms.
Various writing styles spanning technical, instructive, conversational, creative and narrative.

Skills also in Infographics, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation, Video, Audio Recording and Mixing.

Clients include: CNBC, Computer Associates, Board of Cooperative Education, Cablevision, Scholastic, Sony, Canon, Barnes and Noble, ABC, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, and The History Channel.
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Writing for training and education, storytelling and topic awareness, creativity and expression.


Writing "obviously," novel, storytelling, animals, drawing, animation, music, guitar playing, narration, audio recording, photography, and self publishing.


School of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts

After graduating the school of visual arts, Timothy illustrated for for mystery, science fiction and literary book clubs.

Long Island University

To attaining his masters degree of interdisciplinary studies, Timothy engaged in dance, animation and film. Bringing his multidisciplinary studies into the classroom enabled greater teaching and learning dexterity when teaching film editing.


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Timothy wrote this article to bring awareness to the data collected on preteens in social media. As preteens are not technically allowed on social media apps, social media corporations behave as if they are not there. While this may be to avoid accountability, data on these users is continuously collected and analyzed of all users. The end danger is that the data collected on preteens 'legally' does not exist but what is actually being done with that invisible data?


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Timothy wrote this article as an aid for writers feeling stuck on character development and personality. Using the basic tenets of astrology, he guides the reader towards character diversity and personality motivations. The end result being richer confrontations, layered interactions, and unique interpretations all to help move a story forward.


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This writing segment is an excerpt from Timothy's publishing course to be given at libraries. The course teaches first time novelists the in's and out's of self publishing and how to align one's book with the industries many expectations so that it is presented professionally even when planning is done at the kitchen table.

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Timothy has taught and continues to teach and write in the areas of Drawing - Painting - Graphics – Animation - Illustration - Motion Graphics - Video - Web Development - Audio Recording and Mixing. He is currently developing an online course for audio book recording and publishing.

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