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While I was still in Film School, I sold my first screenplay for $750,000, but you can book me for LESS. After years of success in the film industry, I wrote a book containing all my secrets of story (that I'll use to tell YOUR story) and put them into an ebook that became a bestseller. I wrote the copy on several websites that made me $150,000/year for over a decade, and I can put that same magic to work fo for YOU. Writing is what I do, all day, every day, or consulting with my high-ticket writing clients getting the best out of them -- and guess what? That's STILL writing. It's the expertise I'll bring to YOUR project, your posts, your articles, your website, YOUR clients and business. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship for both of us.


As a screenwriter, I've worked in film and television for years, so these are great areas of expertise. Also, I'm passionate about the recent political scene and follow it assiduously. With a minor in psychology and years of experience with psychotherapy, this, and a unique understanding of the human condition, are great areas of passion and authority from which I can write easily and convincingly as well. And, I yearn to learn...after a few short sessions working with you, you'll see, I'm second only to you in understanding your topics, business and passions. Let's get started!


Entertainment and comedy, politics and the arts. Passion and love. People and their unique perspective and outlook on the world. Whatever you're into, my empathy and ability to identify and get inside your head (and heart) will quickly turn it into great writing that will power your business and drive quickly to your goals.


University of Southern California

Chris sold his thesis screenplay, FIRESTORM, for $750,000 while he was still a student in film school at USC. The thesis was awarded academic distinction and was ultimately produced as a feature film by 20th Century Fox. He went on to author 45 more screenplays, including an adapation for hire by Universal of a A FALL OF MOONDUST, by Arthur C. Clarke (2001, 2010, and more). He is the author of the bestselling "Million-Dollar Screenwriting: The Mini-Movie Method" and the founder of the Million-Dollar Screenwriting Seminar. He has written, produced and directed other feature films, including: OUTRAGE: BORN IN TERROR, DON'T FALL ASLEEP, SAFEWORD and THE BRIDE FROM OUTER SPACE. He has built an email list of over 100,000 writers worldwide, who follow his advice on writing and structural technique -- many say "Chris is the screenwriter who will TALK to you!"


632 Projects Completed

Chris has sheperded hundreds of screenplays from idea to finished script, often to filmic miracles. His steady hand and experience in the industry leave him never wanting for a right answer. Thousands of ideas, tens of thousands of scenes, always making the powerful, right and dynamic answer. You will never be disappointed.

He is a leading consultant on writing, screenwriting, film and filmmaking education and lectures around the world on writing and other topics.


15 Projects Completed

Chris is a distinguished screenwriter and esteemed industry analyst. His book and seminar on screenwriting, outlining his own proprietary screenwriting method, have reinvented the film industry and become the new standard for filmic writing.


10 Projects Completed

Chris has a passion for law and politics. As an activist, frequent protester and vocal critic of today's politicians, he is outspoken and insightful, but always rational and convincing. His background as a paralegal with expertise in Constitional law make him a great contributor to any debate or discussion, always bringing out the best ideas from every participant and raising the level of discourse.


12 Projects Completed

With nothing but copywriting skills and passion, Chris created a six figure business based on his own expertise. Have him write copy and sales letters for YOUR business and do the SAME!

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