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Jorrie is a seasoned freelance copywriter interested in pursuing a solid business-client working relationship and fulfilling the clients need for a creative copywriter. Jorrie is able to do conceptual work as well as write copy for a wide spectrum of projects from books, magazines, various periodicals, condensed catalog copy and expansive web content including an assortment of articles and quality advertising pieces. Jorrie also has an extensive background in publishing. And, she plays well with others!

If telecommuting works for you Jorrie is available.

She is skilled, capable and committed to fulfill your writing needs while also achieving the distinction you desire in the end product.


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Jorrie M's Medical Industry Experience

30 Projects Completed

Medical & Chiropractic articles are a newer venue for Jorrie M. but she has had great success in adapting and satisfying Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists and Veterinarians.

Industry Projects

  • Travel1,000+
  • Fashion1,000+
  • Women500+
  • Spirituality500+
  • Relationships500+
  • Publishing500+
  • Marketing100+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Non Profit100+
  • Humor100+
  • Manufacturing100+
  • Self Help50+
  • Finance50+
  • Pets50+
  • Health50+
  • Hospitality50+
  • Nutrition50+
  • Outdoor/Recreation20+
  • Food20+
  • Medical20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jorrie M. loves to travel and loves to write about travel. She has cranked out numerous travel articles in the US and Caribbean--cruising articles, budget travel, romantic get-away, the top destinations, where to stay and activities when you get there! If it has to do with travel she delivers! She has also written articles pertaining to her travels abroad in Israel.


Jorrie M. has extensive experience in writing for the fashion industry. She has published over one thousand articles related to the vast spectrum of the fashion industry. Jorrie also enjoys copywriting for advertising, web and catalog projects. Jorrie has a rich and varied background in marketing as well..


As a woman, Jorrie M. is deeply committed to women and the issues they encounter. She has written untold articles, curriculum, ads, and web copy on a plethora of women related subjects.


The subject of Spirituality is what Jorrie M. built a successful business on. She is especially committed to teaching people how to improve their personal and family relationships while directing them to the ultimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Her work has appeared in monthly periodicals, magazines, web content, curriculum, advertisements, and direct mail.


Relationships are the heartbeat of Jorrie M. She is educated, trained and experienced in numerous aspects of personal and family relationships. Jorrie M. has spent a considrable amount of time as an employee and owner of a relationship based periodical publishing company. Prior to periodical publishing Jorrie spent a number of years in Christian publishing of books and curriculum while maintaining the marketing and production for two Vice Presidents of the company. Jorrie knows relationships and thier value.


A lengthy and succesful career in publishing has equipped Jorrie M. to produce quality results for books, magazines, web, curriculum, catalog and periodical projects.


Jorrie M comes with a wealth of experience writing copy for Direct Mail, Print Ad, Copy and Online Ad Copy. She also has extended experience as a Project Manager on national and international marketing campaigns. Jorrie knows people and what she needs to know about specifics she obtains through expert research.


Jorrie M. has invested countless hours in writing stories and articles that educate, encourage and delight children and their families!

Non Profit

Non-profit writing has captured Jorrie M's heart. She has written, worked for and ran non-profit organizations and has an extensive background in fund raising copy.


Jorrie 's experiences have been in creating speeches, stories for children, and articles that exhibited the culture of the companies she has written for. Jorrie also enjoy the challenge of "getting" the humor of the client and transforming it to words-the right words!


Jorrie M. has written copy for countless catalog items and manufactured specialty items for over a decade. She utilizes her vast knowledge of research to accomplish the clients vision on paper and in the minds of the readers.

Self Help

Instructional journals, handbooks, manual, guidebooks, articles, creative copy, whatever venue you choose for self help projects Jorrie M. can help you reach your intended goals.


Jorrie M. has a history of writing auto-responders for financial investment companies and print copywriting.


Jorrie M. is and has always been a pet lover. As such, she has chosen meaningful and helpful projects to work on when writing about those dear to her heart.


The articles Jorrie has written have dealt with general health and tips to Chiropractic care, the importance of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to insurance options based on your personal health concerns.


Jorrie M. has written numerous articles for monthly periodicals. Generally, written with tips, ideas and step by step instructions on excelling as a host. Also includes researching websites and companies to review and recommend tools of the trade.


Jorrie M. has a special interest in nutrition and has been blessed with working for some amazing people in the industry of natural and free range foods.


An avid outdoor adventure seeker, Jorrie M. has recently started writing ads, articles, and web copy pertaining to the great outdoors!


Jorrie M. has written print and web copy as well as articles for organic grown meats, vegetables, fruits....


Medical & Chiropractic articles are a newer venue for Jorrie M. but she has had great success in adapting and satisfying Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists and Veterinarians.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Speech500+
  • Press Release100+
  • Grant/Proposal10+
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience


Jorrie M. has written articles on everything from Artists to Zoo Practices! And she loves every letter, every word and every key stroke she makes while bringing to life the vision and purpose of her clients. Jorrie has written for clients all over the globe and she finds the diversity of people to be surprisingly similar in a foundational way.


Jorrie M. is a highly skilled and talented Toastmaster speech writer. As a professional speaker and writer she has had amazing opportunities to encourage, teach and make people laugh!

Press Release

Writing a press release can have a very personal aspect to it and Jorrie M. is very aware of that. She has been called upon to write press releases for all types of people, products and businesses.


Grant writing can be an intimidating form of communication but Jorrie M. takes the fear out of putting the right words into the proper format while assisting clients to achieve the most successful outcome for obtaining much needed grant money.


Jorrie M. has had the privledge of being included on some major projects including: A Chapter in On the Road to Hope and research & Development on Quote Book

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