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Jacob writes well researched and in-depth content for a wide range of audiences. With several years of experience from a lead marketing position, Jacob understands how words drive action, and action drives sales.

Jacob has written numerous forms of content for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, SeaGoingGreen, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), as well as various marketing agencies and projects such as EU Code Week.

Through a combination of writing expertise in copywriting, marketing, technical document creation, and highly specialized RFP's and project proposals, Jacob has a well-established understanding of crafting effective and informative content. Jacob's previously written RFP proposals have earned small businesses several million in SBIR & ONR grants. Through a series of marketing emails via MailChimp, Jacob designed custom and unique drip campaigns which increased conversation rates by 13% over a one year period in a highly difficult niche.
Newsletter Content


Descriptive, SEO-based, and informative content serving a wide range of audiences.


Science, technology, environment, health, exercise, diet, therapy, medicine, psychology, sociology, sales copy, marketing copy, and SEO articles.


University of Omaha at Nebraska

Double major completion and obtainment of a four-year degree in just three years. Jacob was included on the Deans's List of academic achievement and excellence twice among only 100 other students. He also served on the student housing body committee for two semesters. Jacob graduated with a 3.33 GPA.

Carlson College

Study of body systems, muscle groups and functions as they relate to movement and much more. Massage therapy is so much more than just a simple touch, it’s the complex understanding of how hundreds of different daily variables can cause or ease problems within soft tissue and the lymphatic system.


19 Projects Completed

Using highly niche understanding, Jacob read and summarized findings from several scientific studies covering the behavior and findings of marine animal studies. Jacob also disseminated information to a large audience of scientists about new and emerging technology used for such studies.


6 Projects Completed

Jacob has focused his political knowledge on shaping the national discussion on policy change regarding the critical endangerment of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Through a series of informational campaigns primarily delivered through email newsletters, Jacob spoke to over 8,000 commercial fishers across the United States. With hundreds of replies, Jacob was able to craft a coherent and practical dialogue with policy makers regarding fishing practices around endangered species.


301 Projects Completed

Jacob has experience writing video scripts for “SmartMickey” a popular program which helps Chinese students learn English at all age and experience levels.

His work spans age ranges from 3-18+ as well as basic concepts, use of characters, story plots, and more.


44 Projects Completed

Articles spanning information on new industry trends to consumer tips and more. Jacob has written articles that incorporate marketing research into select audiences with engaging and interesting content.

Newsletter Content

25 Projects Completed

Newsletters covering topics of emerging technology and science. This content medium was created and intended at story telling and informing large ranges of scientific audiences in order to sell emerging science technology.


4 Projects Completed

Jacob has researched, prepared and submitted grant proposals through the SBIR program under the US Navy and NOAA. These grant proposals include the research, development and use of emerging science and defense equipment from pop-off satellite reporting tags to underwater audio recorders for threat detection and marine mammal localization.

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