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Cindy H
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Cindy's freelance career started nine years ago. For the past several years, she has been able to focus primarily on creating content for the healthcare industry – a topic she is extremely passionate about and studied extensively while in college.

She has successfully worked with hundreds of doctors, dentists, assisted living centers, drug manufacturers, healthcare product manufacturers, and drug or addiction rehabilitation centers. She has written articles on the latest technological releases within the medical community, medical procedures, prescriptions drugs, addiction recovery, and strokes or heart disease.

In her spare time, she volunteers with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association working to educate the community on topics that include heart health, warning signs of stroke, and the impact strokes have on individuals and their families. Cindy is a heart disease and stroke awareness ambassador working to share her story about how stroke and heart disease has personally impacted her.

Even though Cindy's primary focus is writing within the health or medical industry, she still enjoys working on a variety of projects outside of that niche. Other projects she enjoys working on include construction and home improvement topics (HVAC, air conditioning repair, carpet cleaning), fashion, sports, and insurance.


Cindy worked to obtain a bachelor's degree in communications from Cleveland State University. Junior year, Cindy developed an interest in healthcare communications. She focused most of her studies, research, and final project on communication within the healthcare industry, in particular how to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals who work in mental health clinics and private practices.

After graduating from college, Cindy spent time pursuing several hobbies. She worked as a gymnastics coach, soccer coach, early childhood educator, and dance instructor. She even had the opportunity to work as a costumed character at her local mall's annual holiday show and perform in a Broadway show.

Over the years, she has had the opportunity to work on projects that have included writing product descriptions, eBooks, blog posts, articles, newsletters, and website content. Her product descriptions have been featured on a major fashion department store's website and various well-known ecommerce sites.
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