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Daria's earliest writing experience was as a broadcast copywriter for radio and public-access television. She later worked as an ad copywriter for a nationwide chain of home-improvement stores. In addition, she wrote and edited market research reports and marketing communications material before entering the Web content space in 2006 as an Epinions.com reviewer. Since then, Daria has launched a blog to promote her real estate practice. She is a frequent contributor to Demand Media, where her focus is business and finance articles for such sites as Chron, Motley Fool and The Nest.
Real Estate


Daria specializes in journalistic articles, Web site copy and blog posts.


Daria makes volunteering in her community is a priority. She recently served as the New Generations director of her local Rotary Club and has been active in other committees' projects. She also has participated in various committee projects for her local real estate board. Other interests include social media, photography and personal development.


Centenary College

Daria completed an associate's degree with an emphasis on radio, television and film. Other coursework included journalism, advertising and theater.

County College of Morris

Daria rounded out her education with a full-time semester of liberal arts and advanced journalism courses.

Pennsylvania REALTORS Institute

Daria completed pre-licensure courses prior to sitting for the Pennsylvan Real Estate Salesperson exam. She is licensed to practice real estate in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Real Estate

212 Projects Completed

As a full-time real estate agent licensed to practice in two states, Daria is well qualified to write about all aspects of buying, selling, renting and financing homes. She has written extensively for buyers, sellers, investors and tenants. Topics she covers include buying a first home, landlord and tenant issues, selling a home, staging homes for sale, for sale by owner, rent to own as well as property management and home improvement.


50 Projects Completed

Daria is a frequent author of articles about mortgages and related topics. Her areas of expertise include FHA and VA loan qualification and processing, mortgage loan modification and loss mitigation, the short sale process, foreclosure, comparing loans, preparing to apply, overcoming credit issues, refinancing, reverse mortgages and advice for first-time home buyers.


41 Projects Completed

Daria has written numerous finance-related articles that appear on such sites as The Houston Chronicle's small business site, Chron, and Motley Fool. Topics she covers include mortgage and other loans, consumer credit, household budgeting, retirement and investing. She also has written extensively about alternative financing options such as payday and cash advance loans.


5 Projects Completed

Although career topics have not been Daria's primary focus thus far, the more deeply involved she becomes in personal development, the more interested she is in writing about career-related topics. Her career-related niches include topics related to midlife transitions, work shifting and entrepreneurial moonlighting. Home-based employment is an additional interest.


902 Projects Completed

Most of Daria's articles are related to real estate and personal finance. Her areas of specialty include all aspects of home buying and selling, landlord and tenant issues, investment properties and vacation rentals, as well as mortgages, credit topics and household budgets.

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